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Garmin introduces retrofit autopilots (GFC500 and GFC600)

Not so sure it’d be more difficult to troubleshoot and repair – after all how many stories did we not read about chasing elusive “analog” AP faults or this or that? At least on a network each component will immediately report its bill of health. If I with zero idea in either IT or mechanics am able to connect a dongle to the car, and have the car tell me “coil pack three is dead please change part ref# is xyz” (instead of d!cking around removing coilpacks one by one) I am sure a trained technician can do at least as well on a basic plane. After all that’s the whole idea of the QAR downloads on aircraft, and seems to work reasonably well on more complex setups. Not to forget a simpler installation instead of the macaroni monster lurking behind the panel.

More info in this US AOPA article

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

are any TB20 owner writing to Garmin to show interest in a STC for it ? our club does !

There is a whole load of them out now! Check this article in Flying mag.

I am planning to remove my current useless and unrealiable install AP and go for the new above one when, and it’s expected for the next quarter, Garmin releases the new STC for the PA28.

I use my ‘airliner’ for flights around Europe, usually 3 to 5 hours length legs. So far I have been doing it all by hand flying, not that I have a problem with that; I am looking for comfort but mostly for a significant increase of safety, in particular during IMC.

LPSR, Portugal

I think your calculation misses 1) labour 2) taxes 3) freight 4) paperwork 5) surprises…
Looks like a Garmin salesman’s calculation…

Last Edited by boscomantico at 06 Jan 14:39
Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

I agree. This is the price of the units only.

I’d expect that to double or tripple with the rest bosco quotes.

LSZH, Switzerland

boscomantico06-Jan-18 14:37 #02
I think your caculation misses 1) labour 2) taxes 3) freight 4) paperwork 5) surprises…
Looks like al Garmin salesman’s calculation…

I am aware of it, still don’t know the price of the additional servos and connections. Lab our is not going to be cheap, but I am confident that I will gain a lot on safety and peace of mind.

Taxes, I hope to get it free of importation by having them delivered at US and a friend bring it to me.

Surprises, well …….

LPSR, Portugal

as for the taxes you might get hit twice. if you deliver to the US you will certainly pay US taxes and upon trying to bring them into your country your custom officer might want to check your bags and then you will have to pay your local VAT.


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BTW US sales taxes depend on where the destination is.

It is a bit risky to bring obviously visible avionics back in a suitcase. Flights from the USA tend to get “looked at”. And there is just too much stuff in this case. What would work is to fly to the USA an get it installed out there; it will be far cheaper anyway and probably you will get a better job (partly because it is vastly easier to find a shop that has done XYZ before) but unfortunately it is an awfully long flight

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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