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Over ten grand on a GTN-650

Not worth it to me. I choose to upgrade my GNS430 to W. And even that after a lot of hesitation. It is so rare that I need to fly an approach to Cat 1 minima that I am not sure it is really worth it. LNAV minima are not that bad all things considered.

I do however prefer to do the upgrade while that path is available.


Peter wrote:

I don’t attach any value to a touch screen.

It’s a very valuable thing. I’ve now flown with my GTN for four years, and it’s such a joy to use compared with a GNS that I really wouldn’t want to go without.


The GNS series certainly has had a very good career. It is now coming to the point where the older 28v only units are no longer supported. My friend had one of those fail and a friendly avionics shop was able to swap it with a 14/28v unit. This future maintainability is the reason I chose the GTN instead of upgrading my GNS to WAAS. I keep my GNS and put it in #2 position. I am forced to move because my old #2 was not 8.33kHz.


dirkdj wrote:

I am forced to move because my old #2 was not 8.33kHz.

Your COM2 is not required to support 8.33kHz under current regulation.

It is from 31/12/17 under Belgian regulations, unfortunately.


That would be in violation of current EU regulations. Germany wanted to do the same but eventually gave up when they realized that they don’t have the power to do it. How exactly is it prescribed?

Had a gtn650 installed a couple of years ago, very pleased, the touch screen makes it very intuitive and easy to use, cost not much more than a second hand 430w. IFD cost more and didn’t do anything more that I needed.

EGNS, Other

Still you do not need 2 COMs so what stops you from labelling COM2 as INOP?

Excellent idea


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