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NAV/COM radio recommendations for 8.33

Another question for the experienced ones….

What someone can suggest to install as new NAV/COMM radio combined? one which is not very expensive as the owner does not want to spend much, mainly he just needs the 8.33 added and required a new NAV radio.

appreciate your feedback


There isn’t a cheap 8.33 Nav/Com.

Numerous people have kept the old Nav/Com as box 2 and just fitted a simple Com such as the Trig TY96 as box 1. Although I realise that isn’t possible for everyone

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There is a rumour Trig is coming up with a NAV radio, but for now it’s merely a rumour. In the meantime, one silly but legitimate way to get a NAV with a small panel footprint may be an old Collins VIR-351 (+ GLS-350 remote glideslope receiver). There are plenty of them offered for a song.

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LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

Our initial idea was to install the TRIG COMM and leave the existing Collins VIR251, but the collins needs a new display and a service and based on some feedback from servicing companies its expensive to service as it’s an old model.

Probably we’ll go for Garmin GNC255A if no other idea comes up.


@Navygm, you can just buy another Collins instead of servicing this one. Various shops in the US offer them for $300-400 with form 8130.

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

if you need display segments for the VIR , you could take them out the VHF that you want to replace (every digit is a seperate part and are the same)
Then you could keep the VIR251 and install on becker or trig TY-91 or 92 on the location of the VHF251.
or mount nav 1 and nav2 beside each other and mount 2 ea TY-96 vhf com above it (or 2 ea TY-91 or 92)

For the long term I think it’s better to invest in a GNC255a

Is the VIR251 FM Immune?

Inside the sky.
EDXE, EDXF, Germany

depending on partnumber and mod status they can be ;-)

I’d suggest to fit a GTN650 on the principle of “buy good stuff and cry once”. The GTN has good resale value and the UI, with voice control and touch screen, are worth a guinea a minute.

Glenswinton, SW Scotland, United Kingdom

A vote for the GNC255A. For light IFR under part.nco a good 8.33 COM and VOR/ILS plus a PBN/B2 IFR GPS (KLN94 or Garmin 155) covers most requirements. Situational awareness can be supplemented with an iPad running Garmin Pilot, even as a permanent part of the panel. Or a GTN650, but the cost delta is around five figures?

Oxford (EGTK)
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