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Radio Volume too low!!!


Just installed a Trig TY91 in my Pitts. Radio Volume way too low for open cockpit flying. Radio has no other way of increasing output, and all other regulators are on max volume already. Before I take it all apart again, I thought I ask you guys.
Any ideas welcome, how to solve the issue…



Are you driving the headset(s) directly from the radio, or via an intercom (audio panel)?

Do you have access to the wiring diagram?

What headset model is it?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Yes, directly from the radio, no intercom in between. It has been tested with sennheiser hmec 300 and lightspeed Zulu 2.
Quire sure it is not the radio.

I am not familiar with these but one situation I recall was where the headset return (ground) was not going back to the radio’s audio output ground but was going via the airframe instead. Also some gear has a balanced output so the headset must have both speaker wires connected to the radio’s outputs (the Garmin 496 GPS is one such case).

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Thank you, Peter. Will check ground return.

It was indeed the wiring in the headphone socket. Volume is good now.
Very much static between 122Mhz and 133 Mhz.
No static on left mag only or when generator off.


This sounds like you should

  • look at what wiring has not been done with shielded cable, but should have been (basically anything carrying non-power stuff)
  • look at what wiring is shielded but the shield doesn’t go anywhere
  • replace the two capacitors (condensers) in the magnetos
  • replace the ignition harness
  • fit a suppressor onto the alternator – see e.g. this thread
  • make sure all RF wiring is done with a high quality coax (RG400)
Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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