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CHTs over 400 degrees F

I see a similar CHT spread; IO540-C4D5D.

Note that CHT scales with OAT, and roughly 1C OAT = 2F CHT, so a difference in OAT from 0C to +20C is about extra 40F on the CHT…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Archer 181. What is the OAT and altitude at ground level? Also what airspeed are you climbing out at when seeing the 430 temps?

TB Jockey
YCFS, Australia

It was in the summer, outside temperature 20 degrees C. Climbing from approx 300 feet to 5,000 to avoid some Airspace, climbing 90-100 Knots. (Perhaps once I climbed at 80 Knots which is probably when I saw the 430 degrees)

I’ll be looking at the baffles at the Annual – Thanks!

United Kingdom

Well, since paying the baffles a lot of attention my spread is still similar, but about 20 degrees lower. Went to the Bahamas over thanksgiving and only once did my hottest cylinder touch 400. Will have to keep tweaking but at least it’s improving!

KPJC and Kent, UK
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