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ME-IR(A) renewal close to 7 year limit.

Hi all,

Recently got back into instructing after a long time out of the industry and I find myself close to the 7 year limit with regards to my ME-IR renewal. I not sure I can find somewhere to do the training in time as I need to get it done by 04/12/2019 or even If I have enough time to bring my skills up to the required level for the Skills Test/Proficiency check.

My Question is this, lets say I let it go past the 7 years without renewal, what will I need to do to get back my ME-IR and still potentially be able to get an airline job/biz jet job in the future.

Kind Regards

EGKB, United Kingdom

The 7 year problem may be gone, possibly.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Give Craig or Alan a call at Central Flight Training or Steve via – all are great sorts and very experienced at sorting this kind of issue

Now retired from forums best wishes

Peter that post refers to examiners being able to endorse a licence to renew ratings still printed on the front of it.

There are two distinct 7 year limits in Part-FCL.


FCL.025 Theoretical knowledge examinations for the
issue of licences and ratings

(c) Validity period
(2) The completion of the airline transport pilot licence
(ATPL) theoretical knowledge examinations will remain valid
for the issue of an ATPL for a period of 7 years from the last
validity date of:
(i) an IR entered in the licence; or

FCL.625 IR — Validity, revalidation and renewal
(d) If the IR has not been revalidated or renewed within the
preceding 7 years, the holder will be required to pass again
the IR theoretical knowledge examination and skill test.


The IR referred to in FCL.625(d) may be any ICAO Annex 1-compliant IR. This is because the Commission has approved the following exemption made in Annex V to Commission Decision 2014/69/EU (link):

The United Kingdom may, by derogation from Provision FCL.625(c)
and (d) of Annex I (Part-FCL) to Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011
allow the holders of licences issued in accordance with Part-FCL to
maintain their privileges in relation to an IR held on 3rd country
licence without the need of re-taking the theoretical knowledge

If the non–Part-FCL IR is valid then the renewal will be effected as a revalidation meaning no course completion certificate or ATO involvement is required, as confirmed in recent correspondence with CAA following Peter’s debacle. There’s a similar approval addressed to Slovakia on the renewal of a class or type rating which should at the discretion of UK CAA be applicable to UK-granted licences. Annex II to Commission Decision 2014/425/EU (link). These will be incorporated into Part-FCL once the next amendment (link) passes European Parliament scrutiny.

Neither Decision addresses the limit in FCL.025 which is based on a Part-FCL IR.

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London, United Kingdom

Thx for the replys all

Due to the short time I have and the recent info I’ve gathered I’m contemplating a Single Engine Instrument Rating to preserve my ATPL Exams.

The main question I have is:-

Do I have to renew on a complex sep?

Regards all

EGKB, United Kingdom

Short answer – no. As long as the ATO can legally train you on it, and the Examiner is happy to examine you on it.

Biggin Hill


Thx Cobalt

EGKB, United Kingdom
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