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MPA IR and SPA IR currency.

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I have read CAP804 and Standards doc 14 but can't seem to get a proper grip on exactly what is required here.

I currently hold a MPA-IR for a SP Aircraft being operated MP. I also hold a current/valid SPA-IR-ME/SE.

What EXACTLY must I do to keep the SPA-IR-ME valid? I have been reading about cross crediting but do not fully understand it (even with the help of the flow chart in stds doc 14 :( ). I believe it mentions credits given for section 3a (I think... the Instrument section anyway) and that I also need to do 3 IFR departures and arrivals within the previous validity period.

With reference to the info on cross crediting saying something along the lines of the aim of it is to keep the amount of IR LPCs down to a minimum, does that mean that when I revalidate my MPA-IR on my next OPC, I can get the TRE to revalidate my SPA-IR provided I have done 3 IFR arrivals and departures? I assume that they need to be done on a MEP?

Thanks for any clarification.

United Kingdom
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