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My new panel

Proudly presenting my new panel,

A superb job done by Jesse at EHMZ with custom made panels.

Aspen 2000
EDM 830
GTN 750 + GMA35 internal audio panel
TAS 600 + PowerFlarm core
Airgizmo bracket for hardwiring my existing Aera 795 with GDL 39 3D
dual USB Charging port

Complete King HSI system
King KMA 24 Audiopanel
KX165 com/nav
Emergency vacuumpump!

EHLE Lelystad

Saw that the PNG format wasn’t accepted. Changed the file extension. Here is another try.

[ PNG works (see Posting Tips) – it didn’t show due to a typo – Peter ]

EHLE Lelystad

Welcome, and a very nice upgrade.

But where is the backup altimeter??

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

In the right Aspen, i think …?

Very nice

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

Lovely that is :)

Gloucester UK (EGBJ)

A very nice panel !

Can I ask how the legends for the switches are applied ?

But where is the backup altimeter??

It is located on the lower RH panel (which also houses the gear selection / indication), not visible on the photo’s due to the yoke. It is visible when seated in the aircraft.

In the right Aspen, i think …?

This is only allowed to be used as backup when using EBB58 backup battery to have extend battery life.

Can I ask how the legends for the switches are applied ?

The legends are engraved and filled with paint, so these won’t wear off.



I love they way that the EDM830 is flush mounted.
Planning that installation myself.

Did you use the JPI optional flush mount kit?


Yes, very neatly done.

How is the paperwork done for the handheld GPS mount? That has been a grey area in the UK, and also on N-regs. The GPS itself has to be removable – in theory

Are there any interconnections between that GPS and anything else e.g. flight plan crossfill to the GPS (I realise _from the GPS is 100% not legally possible and may not even be practically possible, with the Garmin gear).

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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