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N reg rental around Munich

Guys, a quick note, that Viktor Rothe is a US CFI, has N-Reg 172 and Gruman based out of Jesenwang that he trains in and rents out, you can contact him at [email protected], or he is a great guy, good English, great laugh, also runs US training camps, have fun!

@Brit5, thanks for that info – this could be very useful info for me and I’d never thought to ask.

Flying an AA1-A out of Jesenwang with its 408 meters of runway might be ‘entertaining’

Has the big engine in it

Do you live near Munich? We have been looking at creating a group for an N-Reg SR20 or Mooney or Arrow or similar, we could have that discussion.

I don’t live in Munich and so I’d only be interested in renting (while in Germany). I do visit Munich regularly, have a friend with a plane based at Jesenwang and appreciate the information.

The 150 HP conversion for the little Grummans does help their performance quite a bit

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