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Near miss at Konstanz airfield

I don’t usually post my videos here but I want to share this one with you.

I didn’t discover the other airplane until I started editing this video.

Give that I am recording at 150 degrees wide angle (Garmin VIRB Elite), the other airplane is very visible and must have been very close!

This could have ended much worse. I could be yet another thread on this forum…

If there is interest, I can post a complete video of the approach without the editing where you can hear the other aircraft talking in German and maybe somebody here can figure out if this guy was just flying there or if he announced himself. Regardless if he announced himself or not, it was all in German and the AFISO didn’t inform me about him.


Difficult to tell the altitude (and distance) of the other plane – maybe he has justed started or did a low approach ? And if he heard you announcing your intentions, may he saw you and flew accordingly ?

EDM_, Germany

Looks like Shoreham on any Sunday

But, seriously, yes, somebody should not have been there, but this happens all the time. Two of the worst I recall were one at Zell am See, with somebody flying around near the runway at about 1500ft AGL, and one at Shoreham which was probably a glider. Both fortunately had Mode C so I had them on TCAS, but in the former case I was climbing at max rate and he was doing the same underneath…

Until you get TCAS you are not aware of some 90% of “wrong place” traffic.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I was really shocked to see the other aircraft in the video. I have recorded other “close calls” at my own airfield before, but then I was aware of the other airplane and yet in the camera you could only see a dot. Now you can probably distinguish the type of aircraft.


When in the video does that occur?



Understandably concerning, but flying 1950s tech aircraft, using 1950s tech instrumentation and procedures it is surely no surprise?

Attempts at introducing early 21st century tech are having trouble;

But it will come.


Sorry, not sure I would class that as a near miss. You also note that you did not see him, only the video provided evidence. What I did note however was a lack of look out on the part of the pilot. Lots of fiddling, wiping, twiddling, looking inside, but not much look out.

VFR flying is all about what is outside, not head buried on the gadgets inside. It would probably amaze you how many aeroplanes pass you, and you are not even aware they are there. Fly in the South of England for that experience. It is difficult to complete your external scan every few minutes, but that is what keeps you out of difficulty with other traffic.

Fly safe. I want this thing to land l...
EGPF Glasgow

I have flown with 2 passengers (both pilots) and got them to look for every TCAS contact, and even when they know the rough bearing and the relative height they still fail to spot some 90% of them.

So I think this is normal. Lookout doesn’t really work, especially when the other guy happens to be coming up from underneath, especially on the RHS (which is mostly a blind spot on side by side seating aircraft)…

The wide angle lens makes things appear much smaller. It’s like that video I posted about wx avoidance.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I didn’t hear ANY German R/T on the video?

Novice pilot
EDVM Hildesheim, Germany
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