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Need some help flying in Italy.

Hi guys,

For this summer I am planning a VFR trip around Europe. While planning im bouncing some problems, maybe some italians can help me?

Im flying a Cessna 172. I am planning to fly LJLJ - LIPV, I need to cross the Aviano CTR to do that. The chart shows some VFR routes but they are starting from a completely other position. The VFR corridor C is excellent for me but its a ULM VFR routing at low level, am I allowed to enter this and can I fly higher? Is Aviano approach easy going in this?

Thank you in advance!

Yes. No need to adhere to the (few) depicted routes. Just say (in acomprehensive manner) where you are, where you are going and what routing you would like to fly.

BTW, you won't really be talking to Aviano, because, on that routing, you will likely only cross Ronchi CTR, plus possibly a piece of Treviso or Venice CTR.

In all fairness, from a look at the map, it is not easy to determine the boundaries of the single CTR jurisdictions which make up the "Northeast CTR". But don't worry, you will be handed over from one to another.

It is really easy.

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

Thank you for your reply. When I cross the Ronchi CTR you will still have to cross Aviano CTR after Ronchi CTR. After that you have Treviso CTR and after THAT the Venezia CTR before you will reach LIPV.

So my plan was, in the Aviano CTR follow the Ronchi CTR border until picking up the VFR route inbound LIPV. Say, from point Portogruaro :-).

Any comments on this?

I guess that by going to Portgruaro, you are trying to avoid the Ronchi ATZ. Sure, you can do that, but I wouldn't worry about it; Ronchi has virtually no traffic. Again, I would plan to fly on a straight line, which would also make for a much more scenic route. You would pass overhead Gorizia, then RON NDB, then via Lignano Sabbiadoro to Caorle, then coastwise to Lido. Call Ronchi Approach in time for the entry into the CTR (ideally before reaching the border).

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

Negative sir. Im picking up the "VFR ROUTE AVIANO CTR" from there, a little above. Furthermore likes LIPV to be approached from that routing, COARL, S, E.


Our italian friend speaks from experience.. and I concur. If in doubt I would do as suggested.

When flying breno to pula and vice versa I have always flown a direct route and was always cleared to do so. If I look at the map than that area is a big mess..

they only thing they can ask is to route overhead an ndb or airfield...

Remember it is Italy.. I once asked an italian what the meaning of a red traffic light was .. as in Turin I stopped for a red trafficlight and everybody just drove around me.. "It's a suggestion" .. was the answer :-)

Just file a logical route and wait and see.

Just a little update: Finally I ended up Ronchi clearing me all the way along the coast! Had a nice flight and a great time.

Thank guys. :-)

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