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New IFR charge in Greece

petakas wrote:

They are about to get absorbed in to Swissport from what I hear.
90% of their employees are still the same humans, the ex “we are masters of the airports” that since ten or so years now face the reality of a real market economy.

Not being religious but in this case I will make an exception and invoke the Almighty “Praise the Lord”.

So if you do a Z plan that is arrive VFR while flying IFR enroute. Not just cancelling before doing the approach it is basically a VFR flight as far as the airport is concerned. Is it not? So they should not charge you for an IFR arrival.

Now we can see the difference between the safety conscious culture of the FAA compared to the money tops all attitude of the European Aviation Authorities their Business partners and their subcontractors.


C210_Flyer wrote:

So if you do a Z plan that is arrive VFR while flying IFR enroute.

Just a small remark: That would be a Y flight plan as in “Yay!” or “Yeah!” (because of the improved weather which lets you finish VFR).

Thanks. But the flight is planned for a VFR arrival and not an IFR arrival so a slot should not be required or billed. Is that correct?


That indeed “sounds” correct.

LGMG Megara, Greece

… but do keep in mind that VFR arrivals do have the least priority over IFR arrivals.
I have heard and lived stories of VFRs arriving in midst of IFR rush hour and getting positioned in the VFR hold areas at 1000ft. for some half hour or even more before getting approval to proceed. Its a purely a matter of luck in these cases.
On the other hand I have arrived as IFR in procedural ATC airports with lots of traffic on a VORDME approach with a holding pattern and had two arliners above me who did not get priority over me even though it made ATC anxious. ATC followed the first come first served rule and nobody complained.

LGMG Megara, Greece

They probably could not do anything else other than let you land before the airliners. Procedurally there´s no way of getting the other guys below you in the hold.


petakas wrote:

ATC followed the first come first served rule and nobody complained.

They probably were not Ryanair either.

Actually now that Im thinking about it that is not true that you get IFR preferential treatment. I certainly did not when I went IFR from LHSM to LDDU about 3 weeks ago. We arrived in the LDDU area around 1230 to 1300 LCL time and was vectored all around while traffic came and went. Did not complain too much because I wasnt sure how many departures they had. I can tell you I was placed in back of a line of inbounds. I just trusted that the controllers were professional enough not to play games. Now Im not so sure.

I guess the thing to do is put on the long list of questions asked check list, when contacting the airport, when their Rush hour begins and ends.


Exactly @Caba because they are procedural.
To be honest I felt sorry for the B738 which was holding 1.000ft. above me.
The A320 1.000ft below me did one hold. Two other were in the teardrop procedure ahead of us.
I did 2 holds and the B738 did three holds.
In the meantime there were two departures below us.

When I filed IFR for that flight I got a CTOT of 30’ + from my desired EOBT.
I could smell it would be busy and did not even consider filing VFR that day.

I managed to get these two shots that day ! and you can see the reason.

That was in Mykonos LGMK before the infamous NOTAM was issued restricting longer than 1hr stay at airport.

Last Edited by petakas at 13 Jul 09:48
LGMG Megara, Greece

Not to ask a really stupid question but if they run out of space on the terminal side of the runway why not the make room on the other side where there appears to be plenty of space? In this way the handling charges can actually be earned when they ferry you back and forth to your plane. Dahhh


This is a Mykonos specific question so better post it there in the other thread.

LGMG Megara, Greece
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