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New Military Night flying Area in Germany

When coming back from France in the beginning of April, I found a new restricted aera for military night flying around Stuttgart. Then I realised it spreads all over Germany with limits from 500 AGL up to 6800 feet deepending on the region where you fly (as far as I found out yet). For GA vfr night flying purposes it will be a big restriction.

EDDS , Germany

Hi Peter, where do you see this? On the lower Airspace chart from 2015 I can see (e.g.) JD1, JD2, KD2 west of EDDS but it’s hardly a restriction – or am I missing something?

(I say 2015 because it’s not yet updated on my SkyMap, the ICAO chart is 2016 though…)

EDIT: I presume you are referring to LANIA, ok, it’s a pain in the A** when it’s active but it’s not that often….. The Terrorist in Chief closes down German airspace more often and more definitively than LANIA does :-(

Last Edited by Steve6443 at 12 Apr 18:32

It´s ED-R 150, it was implemented with the last AIRAC, but it´s (HX) and will probably not be used till late September. Check out THIS== .

It doesn´t make the maps more readable unfortunately, starts looking like French airspace. Even the electronic devices show the areas on a permanent basis. Well, at least my Jeppesen MFD VFR does. Maybe they invent a button to hide this ED-R for daytime flying.
SkyDemon doesn´t show it at all, which is also not good.


Wow, I can already hear those hundreds of VFR pilots calling Langen and asking whether “ED-R150 is active today?”…

DFS could have been a bit more clever though… for example by giving a ver distince number to that ED-R, maybe “9xx” or “NF1”. That would have made it more easy for the day-VFR-only pilot to see from a short glance at the map that this ED-R will never affect his flying..

BTW, gotta love that polemic tone against SERA in that AIC… DFS at its best…

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Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

I remember that this kind of activity had been relocated to remote areas in Canada. Has something changed why this is being restarted in the middle of Europe?

Frequent travels around Europe

I understand that the vertical limit of EDR150 is between 4000-5000 feet.
What is the activity that goes on there at night, which is being endangered by NVFR now being allowed?

Last Edited by complex-pilot at 12 Apr 21:50

It used to be that they fly fighter jets at high speed and even supersonic very low with terrain following radar. Supposedly that was to practice how to sneak into enemy areas without being detected by radar stations. It was pretty important during the Cold War.

I assume that when someone goes wrong they want to be able to climb up to higher altitudes for their own safety and thus have reserved that room above.

Frequent travels around Europe

It´s not being restarted, the NLLFS (night low level flying system) has been used for decades. It´s just a different name now because under SERA you don´t need a clearance to fly NVFR in airspace “E”. ED-R150 is supposedely there to avoid conflicts between military jets and NFVR traffic.

However, from a practical point of view I consider high speed low level flying at daytime in good weather with high traffic density and a lot of NORDO aircraft way more dangerous than at night. But that´s just me…


It seems completely bonkers!
One might expect that the Bundswehr would have some smart TCAS systems?

Looks to me that somebody at DFS has just spat their dummy out. Clear case of some burocrats not liking to have changes applied to their system by SERA.
Unbelievable situation for anyone intending on planning a NVFR trip!

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