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New pilot, expat in Amsterdam, looking for options for further flying


Long time lurker, firs time poster!

I am originally from Portugal, living as an expat in Amsterdam for a few years now. Been working on my PPL at Lelystad, for two years, lots of weather and just life getting in the way.
Finally passed my skill test last week!

Soon I can start living the dream of flying adventures and going places. The kind of flying I see a lot on this forum
Now looking for options around me for renting. Haven’t excluded owning in the future, but that’s a big step full of unknowns, not ready for it now. My main concern there is making a good choice of type, and hangarage costs.

I can continue flying the school planes, but between not being the cheapest, only available on weekends, and having to drive an hour to get to the airport, makes me want to look for alternatives. Would love to hear anybody’s suggestions on places to rent 4-seaters.

Hope to join some of you soon at some fly-in, will be looking for opportunities to share rides/costs and learn from more experienced aviators.

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EHLE, Netherlands

Hilversum may be closer for you

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands at Lelystad have a Warrior for €160.33 incl BTW per tacho hour or a C150M for €133.10 per tacho hour and a C172, price unknown

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

Thanks Peter, good to know of more options at Lelystad.

I’m on the fence about Hilversum, I have been there, it sure is closer, but unsure if for a very new pilot, a short grass field and shared with lots of glider is a good ideia.
I’ll probably visit the field again and try to talk with the clubs there.

EHLE, Netherlands

The Rotterdam Flying Club (VCR) may be of interest to you. They have a fleet of nine well-maintained aircraft with good availability. Rotterdam (at least for me) is a much more comfortable field than Hilversum because of no gliders and the tower controlling the aircraft in the circuit and ensuring proper R/T calls (not always the case in Hilversum…)

EHRD, Netherlands
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