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New Twin Commander Forum.

After having been very frustrated with an ancient mailing list – where it’s very hard to keep track of conversations or finding old information, and the only other factory forum being more or less dead – I suggested we start a new forum. The idea is to be a place on the internet for all things Commander, both pistons and turbines. Previously, there has always been a little gulf between the turbine owners/pilots and the piston owners and this is something I, and all Commander owners, hope the new forum can eliminate. Forum is hosted by a new Commander owner named Glenn who’s in the software business and has his own servers.

For anyone at all interested in Commanders, pistons or turbines, or anyone wanting to contribute anything Commander, please know that you’re most welcome at the new forum. You can view as guest. There’s also a classified section if you want to sell a Commander, parts or anything. Obviously, it’s early days yet and membership is growing, graphic profile is being refined etc, but we have some heavy hitters joining. I am myself not part of the executive branch or have any involvement, I just want it to succeed and become a good resource.

Twin Commander Forum.

And here’s a full pictorial of my 520 ownership from the day I first saw it until it left with its new owner to Siberia:

520 pictorial

And here’s a pictorial of the “new” Commander so far:

680V work in progress..

Come visit – everyone is invited!

Last Edited by AdamFrisch at 07 Oct 15:13

Adam, the CFI of the Flying Club I was Treasurer for many years ago owned and flew a 690B. An awesome machine and I had the privilege of watching this machine go in and out of a 630m grass strip but not an easy strip either as it was the fairway of a golf course that start with an upslope, went around a corner small flat top and the remaining was a downhill slope with trees either side causing some nasty crosswind turbulence. The only strip I ran out of rudder authority on the TB 10 when trying to land there and had to divert. The 690B made it look easy but I suspect the CFI had his finger right out for the landing and take-off. I heard that he immigrated to Ozz, bought another Commander and flew it back to the Ozz from the USA via UK. Must have been a supa flight. Fabulous stable the Commanders are

Always looking for adventure

Thanks Bloomer. Yeah, you can get them into fields you can never get them out of with the reverse thrust!

One for Adam. Unusual to see the normally aspirated Aerostar which I would expect is slightly easier on the maintenance budget. This one seems to have only flown 60 hours since 2010 based on propeller times, so in the hangar queen category, perhaps.

Enstone (EGTN), Oxford (EGTK)

Yeah, the 600’s are great performers and simple to maintain. Engine nacelles are a lot less cramped than on the turbo models. Good planes for the right type of owner who needs a simple fast tourer.

Is this the plane of Barry Seal from American Made movie?


An Aerostar starred in the movie, although in practice the Aztruck was the preferred type for those operations. The B through E could boast 2,000lbs useful load, and in practice carry more. It also was sufficiently rugged with the same NACA airfoil as the Super Cub, to operate from jungle dirt. The Aerostar is quite greedy in the take off run required department, and the undercarriage perhaps not quite suited for the Darien Gap’s best strips.

Enstone (EGTN), Oxford (EGTK)
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