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No upgrade path for 1st-gen G1000 ?

I have been told there is no upgrade path for non-WAAS Garmin 1000 with the KAP140 autopilot. If this is true, this is putting the latest non-glass aircraft at an advantage compared to the oldest G1000. Reportedly they are, and it is reflected in aircraft pricing in the US. But is it true?

Really this is two questions:

1. Is there any way to upgrade a non-WAAS G1000 to WAAS? I would find it absurd if not, but I have not (quickly) found any Service Bulletins or other info about how it can be done.

2. Are you stuck forever with KAP140 if that is was what came with your G1000? As far as I can tell, no other stand-alone autopilot is seen talking to G1000 anywhere. And I have been told that upgrading to a G1000 with the integrated GFC700 is impossible. That is, not only very expensive, but actually not possible since the G1000 is an integral part of the airframe with no procedure for hardware altering. In comparison, early Avidyne-equipped aircraft have the option to replace the S-Tec 55(X) with the apparently successful DFC90 autopilot.

When G1000 was introduced, a great deal was made of the use of so-called LRU’s, Line-Replaceable Units, signifying modular structure of the system and implying that repair and upgrades would be simple. Now it seems that the opposite could be true regarding upgrades.

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EKRK, Denmark

Yes it is possible to upgrade to WAAS, dependent on the airframe, as it is the airframe manufacturer that deals with certification. They will issue an SB, so you can search on that.

It is not cheap: You have to replace the GIA63 units for GIA63W. To change to the GFC700 autopilot is much more difficult and expensive, if it is possible.

Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)

What aircraft are you looking at?

Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)

$35K in 2013 on a Mooney

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It used to be $50k for DA42 but I don’t know if this is still available or it’s reserved for -VI upgrade together with AE300 engines.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

It is for a heavy Cessna single, but I know a DA40 owner and a Cessna 172S owner who will also be interested to know.

So it is $35k or $50k to be able to fly LVP approaches on your old G1000 with the rate-based KAP140. Wonder what is going on here. I would imagine you could get a decent setup with G500/Aspen and GNS530W and an autopilot for that kind of money. But that is not an option if you have your eyes on a G1000 airplane.

No one heard of the autopilot upgrade? Of course that would mean that the panel/screen has to change, too, since the GFC700 has its dedicated buttons there.

EKRK, Denmark

I have been told there is no upgrade path for non-WAAS Garmin 1000 with the KAP140 autopilot.

Our DA40 (PH-PCA) has a first generation G1000 (non-WAAS) and we were also told that it’s not possible to upgrade it.

I have been quoted a price for a change to WAAS on a Lycoming DA40 when I was looking at one a year or so ago. The Diesel is certified in a slightly different way so it’s down to Diamond if they offer an upgrade path. There are definitely SB’s for the G1000 equipped C172, 182, Mooneys, Bonanzas, etc.

Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)

An interesting thread on DAN forum that could result with petition to Diamond to provide some upgrade path for older G1000 equipped aircraft (mainly DA42).

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Late G1000 Cessna equals G1000 being part of the aircraft TC, so upgrades are no longer a Garmin but a Cessna issue.

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