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Italian I-registered UL questions eg registering in Germany

I’m looking for someone familiar with UL in Italy. Online research is not fruitful.
There are „basico“ and „avanzato“.
Is it possible to buy an I- registered basico UL and register it in another EU country (germany)?

Or keep it I- registered and fly with a foreign license (probably not possible), or is it possible to get the italian license?

Thank you!

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Contact AOPA Italy ( ) they should be able to give you an overview. Otherwise I’ll have a friend contact you.

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Thank you!

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You may already know most of this, but here goes anyway. AFAIK:

Unlike EASA-wide certification, ULMs are ‘certified’ per country. So if you want to register any (for example) non-German registered ULM in Germany, you need to check if that type is approved in Germany. Go to the DULV site for an overview of approved types. In Germany, the list is quite long. Be careful though. A ULM of a certain type may be allowed in a certain country but could it be subject to certain rules regarding equipment. For instance, a German-reg ULM should be equipped with a parachute, but an autopilot is not allowed. Rules regarding airworthiness also very per country. In Germany an annual is required (to be signed of by a person authorised by German authorities). In Spain, (and maybe in Italy too?) up to now it’s a matter of self-declaration.

To fly an ULM registered in a certain country you need an ULM license of that particular country. I pretty sure that there are no restrictions of obtaining such a license, even if you are not a national or resident of that country, but in some cases language proficiency may be an obstacle!

Whether you can (permanently) base a registered ULM of country A in country B (even if you are a national or resident of country B) is something that the laws of the country B dictate.

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Thanks aart!

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One thread on ultralight privileges internationally is here. There should be some useful pointers. In general, overflight privileges are a lot easier than long term parking privileges.

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I read somewhere it’s not possible for foreigners to get an italian Ultralight license?

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