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Best place to register homebuilt/experimental in Europe

@Lesving I’m surrounded by homebuilders who show EAA and its membership how it can be done, not vice versa, in terms of performance and quality. That does not preclude recognizing the important role that EAA plays in maintaining our right to individually build and fly experimental aircraft. For example, one of the locals is working his way up from 350 to 400 mph lap speed at Reno with 700 HP Lycoming and automotive based twin turbo system etc of his own creation. Latest effort has involved a new wing for more speed. On a more prosaic level, probably 25 or 30 RVs at my base, the one I’m most interested in having a completely original landing gear configuration that improves a lot on the kit version. There’s no lack of interesting stuff going on, not a lot of “bath tubs” and zero EAA technical involvement.

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I think you miss the point Silvaire. It’s a chicken and egg kind of thing of course, but someone has to take on the role to be the chicken. It doesn’t happen by itself. You need gatherings, people have to come together, ideas and dreams have to be exchanged, motivation. In Europe, with microlights, the Aero Friedrichshafen has grown out of nothing in a short time. But it’s difficult today to imagine the whole microlight industry, LSA, and now GA in general without it.

The elephant is the circulation

Thanks for the feedback. Very helpful. I wanted to understand if there was any information about the best place to register a homebuilt in Europe, in case there was one obvious place that I should be considering for some specific reason. Seems to not be the case, so I’ll register where I’m building.

Not to trigger a debate, but is interesting about the FAA system is that the responsibility is on the builder to do the right thing. Even though the rules there are very open to innovation, and you can do just about anything you want, it does not seem like the accident rate for homebuilts in the USA is higher than in countries with very strict rules – as far as I can see. And we all know what they say about statistics. All countries are different, philosophies are different, cultures are different, etc. – I’m not trying to criticise any system.

Fly more.
LSGY, Switzerland

There is no doubt that, for a given brand of kit, one could establish the best place in Europe to build and register it. Most likely there would be several.

But it would be pointless to look at it that way because the matter is then dwarfed by the issues in basing it in the final desired country and possibly registering it there.

Not to trigger a debate

Always great to trigger a debate

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

it does not seem like the accident rate for homebuilts in the USA is higher than in countries with very strict rules – as far as I can see.

Exactly where are the rules very strict? The FAA and the NTSB have done a great study on accidents in experimental aircraft. The major reason for accidents is pilots not being used to the aircraft (performance, systems, handling). By advocating transitional training, the accident rate has dropped significantly, about the same as certified accident rates.

The elephant is the circulation

If you’re based in France as per your profile, France is definitely a builder friendly country. You may want to check out, the french home builders assotiation. Coincidentally, they have a fly-in this weekend.

EBTN, EBST, Belgium

Well, a little bit later but maybe I can advise to fly to Slovakia, visit the Slovak UltraLight Federation SFUL main office in Lucenec at LZLU airport to discuss your needs.
Our federation had MTOW limit 600 kg long time before other states and authorities started reasonable discussion and process.
Our legislation was build in cooperation with CAA officers and was used as an good example and template in some countries.
Federation is authorized body (by CAA) to perform all operational and technical supervision, from building to flight training, hence we have members in nearly all EU countries, flying aircraft as Blackshape, Viper SD4 (non certified version), Bristell, Shark and others, very often high performance UL planes.
So maybe this could be useful to know.


Registering an ex G-reg homebuilt in an EU member state?

Hello folks!
I’m very happy to have found this forum and have been looking for any way to get registration for my ex G-reg Varieze project situated southern France region and due to local regulations can’t be flown under Fox Papa – french homebuilts. If anyone knows if that still possible do under any EU member state not so far from France ? Thanks


If you are in France then you may need to be F-reg – see this which states that France does not allow foreign reg uncertified to be based there for more than 28 days.

And if you cannot go on the F-reg (see above linked thread; some were possible only before 1998) then you may be out of luck and will have to sell it. @vrh may know more.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

thanks for replying Peter, I was hoping that Italy or Spain could became as a base for registration and hangar storage as it’s not easy to find free space in FR hangars in southern regions. I already know that Swedish and Romanian reg could be done but thats still too far…

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