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Best place to register homebuilt/experimental in Europe

@Atilla thread moved to existing thread on this topic.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

As @sugarcube posted back in 2019 the best point of contact in France for experimental aircraft is the RSA. Check out their website.
Why do you write there are problems with local regulation?
I have been trying to help a friend to register his G reg Luscombe Silvaire here.
I thought it would be an easy change but it turns out the aircraft has a CDN in the UK and therefore cannot be considered as an Orphelin/experimental/collection/kit,here. If it was on a "permit to fly " AIUI it would be reasonably straightforward, but because it is on a CDN it has to go through the same channels as an EASA aircraft, first. It is possible but the administration is horrendous.
So I would start with the RSA. If the builders of our 3/4 scale Mosquito, built from plans and photos could get that signed off as F-W (experimental) and later F-P I would have thought that your rebuild is possible to get registered here. Unless it is on CDN and considered an EASA aircraft.😟


It is a complex situation, especially in France. I get to hear snippets only, however. There was a significant date in 1998 – mentioned e.g. here. Then there is another factor relating to whether the kit manufacturer (usually in the US) is or isn’t willing to supply the DGAC with some documentation (apparently, most aren’t or weren’t, which would be usual for a US mfg who doesn’t need the European market).

It is also complex in the UK but mostly due to a lack of resources; I’ve been told by one insider that those doing it have full time jobs.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Atilla wrote:

and have been looking for any way to get registration for my ex G-reg Varieze project

By the looks of it, it seems building it would be the first item on the list

The elephant is the circulation

Atilla wrote:

ex G-reg Varieze project situated southern France region and due to local regulations can’t be flown under Fox Papa – french homebuilts.

Are you really sure about that ? I think i’ve seen some varieze on fox papa, and there are even 2 belgian UFO’s flying on Fox Papa. As France is pretty liberal and common sense about aviation, better double check 2 or 3 times, it might be your best option.

Belgium might be possible, i know someone building a cozy which is not the same but i assume comparable. But as officials want to visit your workshop before you start building, and do several visits during building, it may not be practical (I’m not sure if belgian inspectors go abroad, and having your workshop in belgium is still long distance from south of france it you want to work on it).
If you think that still would be feasible, you could check with the Belgian LAA strut or the Belgian RSA.

Best place to ask would be RSA france as @gallois said, fyi next RSA fly-in in france is 22-24 july in Brienne, probably a good opportunity to ask around.

EBTN, EBST, Belgium

Thanks for replies guys, the problems in regulations that any homebuilt came from outside the France won’t be registered under CNRA, all homebuilts in France should be “en provenance” de France shortly. I had an idea of canibalising those fuselage on photo for a new built and that could be a reasonable solution…


If it was built under LAA supervision, you might ask them if they know of any aircraft accepted in France, or of contacts who could help.

EGPE, United Kingdom

@Atilla your solution should be a good one. However, before you do I do suggest contacting and perhaps joining the RSA.
You will have to get a C of A either way and that you will get either through OSAC or IIUC now you can get it through the RSA, much as the LAA do in the UK.
Another source of information,.is the forum Fox of you haven’t already tried it.
From what you have written I think yours would fall under the regulations for CNSK and not CNRA, but I might be wrong.

Last Edited by gallois at 10 May 06:47

Just been speaking to someone here who suggests you should look.on the " website under CNSK. There you will find a list of eligible kits and the procedure for getting a CNSK through OSAC plus the forms necessary.
There is a section about getting the CNSK after repairing a kit built.
I assume if the kit is not on the eligible list it would have to become an experimental (F-W) before it can get its CNSK. You would need to look up how to get an experimental registered on the same website.
If it’s on a G reg Permit to Fly I think you might be get a document from the UK LAA to help get it transferred to F reg followed by CNSK.
If it is on a EASA, CDN, bad news I am still trying to find out what forms are needed to transfer a G reg Luscombe to F reg as I wrote previously.


Hello everyone!
I’m doing my PPL and want to got for a 4 seater this summer.
The thing is I would prefer to burn mogas as avgas seems too pricy for me. So the logical conclusion would be to go experimental.
I found some interesting planes – like MCR 4 and others. (second hand) Do you have a recommendation for a 4 seater, preferably 50- 100k eur. ?
The problem is with the registration of experimentals. In Romania the bureaucracy is infinite and as I understand it is impossible to have the registration here(anyone can confirm?)
So, please let me know where do you have your experimental registered and how much does it cost? I could easily buy the plane on a friends name as I have a few throughout Europe. Which is a good country to have your experimental?
Thank you!

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