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Pioneer 400

From here

If you want a Rotax 915 based, 4 seater, with maybe a smaller cockpit, less range but retractable gear, these guys say they intent to certify the Pioneer 400. It’s available now as experimental, like the TSI, but it might just be available soon without the experimental limitations of Europe.

EHLE, Netherlands

I think manufacturers are mad to run promotions on FB only. Lots of people with more than €1 are not even on FB

Actually I found the website.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I posted the FB link because the website, like so many, it’s more archeology than fresh news…. :-)

The dealer for Germany, Netherlands and others, that demoed the plane for the AOPA magazine is at
Still only mentions the 912 version, I think.

EHLE, Netherlands

The Pioneer 400 combines the excellent handling of the Pioneer 300 with the stability of a Cessna 172

Really? is the “stability of a Cessna 172” a good sales argument today?

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