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PH-reg experimental

But, what is wrong with Portogal? He wants to build an experimental, but want it to be PH-reg. Why? and why not register/build it in Portugal?


Ah yes ok I didn’t read the OP properly

Someone needs to dig out the Portugese CAA regs on what they will accept. @lmsl1967 @goncaloareia and others may have some pointers.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

France blocked foreign reg homebuilts from being based there from 2018.

Not entirely true. Foreign reg homebuilts already operating in France had a choice: 1) stay on the foreign reg and leave France once every 28 days, which is just not practical. Inevitably, you’ll get caught out by this rule sooner or later, and find yourself flying without insurance. Or, 2) go through the rather lengthy and laborious process of getting on the French register – problem solved. (Note: option only available to foreign reg. homebuilts already in France).

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