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SSDR (single seat microlight) to Europe ?

Hi , I am a low hours Pilot,I’m currently upgrading to LAPL. UK Citizen resident in Belgium . I have an SSDR which I’m very fond of but by ANO definition can’t fly in Europe. Belgium is tricky with ULM’s but as I am close to the border with France was wondering if it’s possible to re register in it as a ULM France? It’s Home Built was on LAA permit until 2014 , I have all the documentation . Any one with any knowledge or advice would be grateful ,
Thanks Colin


SSDR definition – single seat microlight.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

In France I see no reason, providing it is under 500kg MTOW, why it could not be registered as a ULM. Have a look at the FFPULM website. I think though you would need to find someone to issue you a ULM licence.
That would normally be a ULM instuctor and could take anything from 1hr if you have a PPL and 10 hours if you are starting from scratch.
If the a/c is over 500kg and because you have all the documentation etc. you would be able to fly it under the CNSK category for kit built a/c.
I think you would need to pass it by OSAC to certify this and then you just fly it and maintain it like a permit aircraft, although I think there are less restrictions.


How is SSDR an acronym for Single Seat Microlight ? Wouldn’t that be SSM ? Just wondering.


Single-Seat DeRegulated?

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