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I bought a flying garden shed

RV14 wrote:

but I’m still looking for someone doing this on regular bases.

Now you’ve found one I can name quite a number of other Europa owners doing it any time they go flying. PM me if interested


I was referring to RV12 owners storing the aircraft in a trailer
No doubt, one of Europa’s unique selling points are the folding wings


RV14 wrote:

No doubt, one of Europa’s unique selling points are the folding wings

In fact the wings are not foldable but can be taken completely off (no wingtanks btw). With a rigging aid I can rig the Europa single hand in 15 minutes easily as it’s designed from scratch for that task. I’d even say that it is essential to do that on a regular basis for ease of operation out of a trailer.

But I don’t want to hijack Snoopy’s thread…


Congratulations Snoopy on your purchase (from another Savannah pilot!)

EIWT Weston, Ireland

Well that’s not what I’d actually call a garden shed (or garden mower). This is a comfortable and economic airplane, no matter what others keep saying. Congratulations!

I did some nice touring in microlights, mainly Tecnam P92 and P96, the planes that run my parents in the flight school. A Savannah is more or less somewhat similar in performance I think. Never flown one so far.


Congratulations Snoopy! In the southern alps it looks like it will be perfect plane for the scenic-but-short runways. Lots of photos please

EGHO-LFQF-KCLW, United Kingdom

Congratulations that’s awesome! Do you have a panel pic? I’m hoping for it to radiate the same happy mood as the entire plane

EBGB EBKT, Belgium

Congrats Snoopy, good choice. Very popular aircraft here too for its sturdiness. I have some hours on one owned by a friend here and, talking about bush flying, fondly remember flying from his own field and getting used to the approach procedure; first a very slow low pass over the field to scare away the sheep, and then make a short pattern to land before these not too intelligent animals are back grazing.. Hard to do that in any other plane, even less so at a field length of 250m.

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

Congrats on that. Have fun and at a low cost!

Socata Rallye MS.893E

Good stuff @Snoopy!

I recall one of those French proverbs used when I was doing some rally driving last century (…): peu importe la monture pourvu qu’on aie l’ivresse or doesn’t matter what you ride as long as you get intoxicated


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ain't the Destination, but the Journey
LSZF, Switzerland
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