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LAA Permit Aircraft stationed abroad

Dear All,

First thread to this forum.

Is there anyone who has ever stationed an LAA permit aircraft abroad? Maybe even someone whou would not have a UK address / citizenship? Does anyone know whether this is possible or impossible?

Thanks a lot in advance


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UK Permit aircraft of various flavours have been based abroad for years.

There are a couple of basic issues,solveable with enough planning:-

(1) Have permission to fly in the local airspace. Each country will have its own approach to this.

(2) Never let the permit lapse – always have the permit revalidated before it expires – either by flying it back to the UK for a permit revalidation, or by bringing a UK based inspector (and if necessary, check pilot) to the aircraft.

That’s about it basically. Entirely do-able.


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I sold a permit aircraft to a delightful Dutch guy a few years back.He kept it for about 4 years remaining on the UK register bringing it back every year before the permit expired for my inspector to renew .We all became good friends.The LAA were in communication with him towards the end shall we say making discouraging noises about the aircrafts permanent residence abroad and the the Dutch authorities started to make life difficult for well.The aircraft was sold back to the UK.As GTE states allowing the permit to expire whilst abroad was to be avoided at all costs .VBR Stampe

EGMD EGTO EGKR, United Kingdom

The LAA were in communication with him towards the end shall we say making discouraging noises about the aircrafts permanent residence abroad

Why does the LAA care? Do they do ramp inspections? If not, surely they ought to be happy with the annual inspection? What would be the legal basis for “discouraging noises”?

A certified G-reg could live in Mongolia for almost the whole year and the CAA will not be in the least concerned.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Yes, but in CAA’s terminology, a PtF aeroplane is not “certified”.

As likely as not however, the UK people were probably just responding dutifully from a whinge by local authorities who’d rather see it on their own register.


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G-xxxx is based at EBZH, and planned to remain there, and according to G-INFO is on a PtF.

[edited on OP’s request]

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Welcome Lutz!

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Great subject!
I purchased a Permit to Fly aircraft in the UK and would like to keep it under G-reg. I am Czech and my aircraft (mmmm, so nice to say so) is hangared at my home airfield in the Czech Republic.
The UK LAA sent me a letter stating that LAA is unable to administer a PtF for aicrafts based abroad and the LAA PtF will not be renewed.
If I understand correctly, that statement is just an discouraging noise, and the LAA inspector will be able to issue the PtF anyway?
When I discussed with the LAA inspector who issued the currently valid PtF, he was not too positive about this option.
Do you know about any particular steps to take to renew the UK PtF?

Thank you


Bienvenu Lutz!

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If you wish, I could (over time) get you the contact information for the PtF G-plane at my Belgian homefield; who might well be both able and willing to help you along. As I remember from talking to him, an annual flight to the UK is required to keep the paperwork ok; but you might well consider that an incentive rather than a nuisance.

But there’s a couple of experts on the matter who post here from time to time, with any luck you’ll soon get all the required info.

(and BTW, “welcome” on my part, too! Benvenuto!)

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium
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