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Oscar Taylor's Speedstar 850 for sale.

For those who read my trip reports here or on Pprune/Flying forum might remember how I bought Oscar’s old props off of the donor for his new project (a faster 4 seat PT6 thing based on the Aerostar). Anyway, Oscar is now selling his Speedstar 850 that I had the privilege to get a good look at in his hangar. It’s an absolutely gorgeous machine where no expense has been spared, and it does well over 300kts. For those who might want great performance on a lesser budget, this could be a nice machine.


Crazy mod!!! So he took a twin and turned it into a single turbo-prop? That’s a stunning aircraft.


It looks like good value. Shame it’s a US experimental.

Forever learning

Experimental Exhibition airworthiness seems to me a non-starter if the owner wanted to operate outside of the US. Within the US it’s not the same as Experimental Amateur Built and you’d have to look at the operating limitations: they are basically airframe specific within broad guidance provided to the DAR by the FAA. Originally there were few operating limits, which basically makes E/E like standard airworthiness for long-licensed planes except you don’t need an IA for Annuals. Then for a while almost all newly licensed E/E aircraft had a geographically limited proficiency area applied. 300 NM from base was typical (more for high performance aircraft) with flights beyond that requiring notification (a fax) to FAA. A very few planes had proficiency operations limited to one airport. Now it’s going in the opposite direction, led by the warbird contingent who got the proficiency area limitation removed again for ex-military aircraft.

I think question number one for the buyer of this plane would be to determine what FAA operating limits have been put in place. And regardless of that, regular operation outside of the US is likely impractical.

I have always believed it is not wise to own serial number 1 of any aircraft type! In fact I keep out of those with single digit serial numbers if I can

Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)
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