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International overflight permissions and privileges for microlights / ultralights / UL / ULM

I found this .doc document from 2008 (local PDF copy) which suggests that the situation is similar to but different to homebuilts which seem to be covered by this one.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Found a more up to date list at EMF

The elephant is the circulation

I think the doc is too old to show the nowadays reality and anyway the real experience may vary with the mood of various offices.

As a fact ultralights (as microlights are called here via French/Latin language group) reach from Romania as far as Poland, Austria and Germany, Italy with only having to comply with the normal GA VFR rules of having R/T, transponder and ELT. I know is a murky business because it involves no airworthiness certificated planes and national pilot licenses but seems to work well – as I feel it should.

LRSV, Romania

I have made a local copy of that EMF PDF here

I know from links on my own website that a load of them just vanish after a year…

I know is a murky business because it involves no airworthiness certificated planes and national pilot licenses but seems to work well – as I feel it should.

Microlights don’t appear to be questioned. I used to share a hangar with an old ML pilot who flew all the way to Kathmandu (literally), ended up in IMC down there, shared himself to death, and never did anything risky again…

But then there are homebuilts in the Eurocontrol statistics data too – see here

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I have never given it much thought, but CofA Annex 2 with an EASA pilot’s licence doesn’t require this type of overflight permission?

Have bumped into G reg microlights, including motorised trikes in France and Germany but I see they do not require permission, but Belgium and Spain do.

Oxford (EGTK), United Kingdom

A more recent version, November 2016, of the above document is here

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Minimum of € 2.900.000 third party insurance is required, passenger liability insurance 218.000 Euro
and an accident insurance € 40.000.
MLA airplanes need to have a transponder, a rescue system, noise certificate and an Emergency
Locator Transmitter device ELT/PLB (old version/model with frequency 121,5 is accepted).
Only for certain German registered Microlights there is an exemption. Please have a look on http://
For other European Microlight pilots it is very hard to get special permission of Austrian Control. A
special document of Ultralight § 18 LFG is needed.
See website:

Looks crazy, someone tried with this??


Przemek wrote:

Looks crazy


someone tried with this?

No, well not me at least.

I have decided to classify Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands as “not to be visited”. For as little as I know, Austria might the the least adverse to very light aircraft of the three. But there are so many nice places to visit elsewhere. Especially since you are in Poland, it seems much more attractive to fly through Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary, Slovenia.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Well, and if your bird wasn’t registered in Belgium, you’d avoid that as well, right?

My experience is, that if you’d try to avoid all adversities, you can quit GA altogether – and I won’t do “them” this favour!


By old corroded cessna 150 is easier that by new ultralight.. ahh.

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