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ECAC Status for homebuilt / experimental (flight privileges within Europe)

Peter wrote:

The above PDFs should be downloaded and uploaded locally, otherwise they are sure to be dead links very soon.

Some are dead already! PLEASE check your posts…

They were all working when I posted them – that’s how I got the quotes.

Apologies – I won’t post agin.

Lee on Solent, United Kingdom

Most flyers ignore the regs – both those which can be found and those which can’t.

It’s about due diligence exclusively IMO, not about ignoring regs. For us this means to study the AIP. That’s what the AIP is for.

Take Germany again. They obviously have some quasi official/unofficial procedure/practice. Now, why on earth isn’t this published in the AIP? ULs are, historic aircraft are (a similar ECAC recommendation as homebuilt). Aircraft with some cryptic “restrictions” are, but not experimental homebuilt. I can speculate wildly, but to “trap” pilots into unlawful flying is not on my list.

The simplest explanation is there are a handful of persons in the German authorities that cannot come to an agreement. And none of them have any urge to solve the matter. It’s way way down on the lists of priorities. I would think the situation is the same everywhere, and has been that way long before the ECAC recommendation came in 1981, 43 years ago. This is the problem the ECAC recommendation solves in a super simple and practical manner Do as recommended by us, and all problems are solved.

The elephant is the circulation

It’s not a case of not posting again on EuroGA. It is just that dead links are of no use to anyone. I tend to fix posts when I can but often can’t because I am not a full time paid mod/admin (EuroGA does not carry advertising, which 99% of people would really hate, so there is only the donation income, and it doesn’t go into my pocket) and often I am on a trip somewhere and often with just a phone on which fixing anything is really painful. Other people make posts which they never check afterwards; it’s life…

It can be extremely difficult to post links with just a phone because of the difficult of obtaining and editing URLs. A lot of links also get posted with huge tails containing syndication data and normally I clean those up.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Neil_F wrote:

They were all working when I posted them – that’s how I got the quotes.

Apologies – I won’t post agin.

@Neil_F, you’ve actually posted the correct link, bu EuroGA engine transformed the multiple dashes in the URL into something different. :)


2 solutions (posted in the IT/Website section)

  • instead of posting the actual link (some as I said are huge unless cleaned-up) create a clickable link – see Posting Tips
  • use TinyURL for the really difficult cases (like posting a YT or Vimeo video and where you do not want the player visible
Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Juozas wrote:

If I fly VFR, for example with RV7 to Spain from another EU country:
1. Do I need a permit?
2. Can I fly into controlled airspace (TMA, CTR)?

1. Spain requires a notification. In the good old days that was 1 quick email, now you would need to create an account in AESA system to post the form.
2. You need to request a clearance before entering TMA/CTR

Last Edited by RV14 at 23 Apr 12:11

It took quite some time – but I’m happy to provide an updated, comprehensive list of the current situation in all major European countries :) This list is publicly accessible. If you have more recent information or believe stated details are incorrect, please comment and I will update accordingly. Let’s try to keep this up to date – we and many others will benefit from such a comprehensive reference!

I tried to look at the actual legal reference and link it, if possible. You will see that the ECAC survey is outdated in many countries. You can access the list here.

Here a screenshot of the list (as of 2024-05-07) for easier use:

“Only ECAC study” means ECAC claims implementation, but I was not able to verify it. Please also note the second tab “Useful Links” – there you will find a collection of handy links. Especially useful – a GDrive link to all legislation as PDF.


Cool, thanks a lot for your effort!


@juze, please change the “Last Update” to DD-MMM-YYYY – otherwise might confuse people.

Nice one, thanks!


Well done, thanks for the effort @juze 👏🏻

Interestingly enough, in all these years and trips, the only time the status of my steed as a homebuilt was ever questioned was at Germany’s Helgoland EDXH. I since then carry that LBA Allgemeinerlaubnis für Einflüge Ausländischer Selbstbau-Luftfahrzeuge in das Gebiet der Bundesrepublik Deutschland found in GEN 1-17 of the AIP.

ain't the Destination, but the Journey
LSZF, Switzerland
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