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Experimental aircraft with pressurisation...

The Lancair Evolution is a homebuilt aircraft with pressurisation.. Are there more?

Lancair IV P

Biggin Hill

The space shuttle


Does the Epic actually exist? I saw some stuff in the press about its collapse and some partly-built project owners suing the company over parts allegedly owed to them. Recently I met a guy who had worked in both the Epic and the Farnborough Aircraft projects before they had a big bust-up. Kestrel (the successor to the Farnborough name) is still nominally existing somewhere, looking for funding… that looked a nice aircraft (which would eat a TBM for lunch, according to the UK pilot who flew it across the Atlantic) but last I heard (maybe 2 years ago) they had only an unpressurised prototype.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Is there a Lancair Evo in Europe? Would it be allowed to file airways?

285 knots on 35 gph is impressive.

Oxford (EGTK)

Yes, at least one has been seen around: N111XA.

IFR? … a good question

Any aircraft with an ICAO identifier can file and fly a Eurocontrol flight plan, and some do.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

There was (is?) a Swiss pilot that was blogging about his IFR flights in Europe with an EVOT.

Peter wrote:

Does the Epic actually exist?

According to their website for the planned certified E1000, 47 Epic LTs were completed:

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I thought this one was based in Czech Rep. I read a web writeup on the purchase and flight over the Atlantic. We discussed it here a while ago. But the link to the story (in the thread) is now dead.

The Evo interests me because it is claimed to meet Part 23 certification, so it should not have the scary handling characteristics which the other non-certified Lancairs have. The build quality of the one I saw was also outstanding. If it could legally fly IFR, and there was a reasonable framework for getting permits for Europe for homebuilts (rather than the present “apply for it and fly anyway” system) I would buy one. One can do a lot with homebuilts below the radar but that’s not an option for me

Yes, a fair number of Epic kits were sold, before the problems. I meant whether it exists as a product currently.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

This blog recounts the flying of an Evolution from the US to South Africa via Europe. It’s quite obvious they flew IFR and nobody cared much.

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