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Raptor - 300kts, 130k usd, 7gph jet-a1

I have been following this for the last 3 years (the videos every Saturday and Wednesday are perfect for coffee in the morning), he was very articulate last week when he went on a deep dive into the history of the engine which for him is the key to making this plane(relatively) affordable.
Think of it this way – any aircraft manufacturer out there who has to buy in an engine ~300hp is looking at a cost of at least 70k – which means that if he is to make a profit in a low volume business he has to add 140k to the price of the plane- before you have started anything else you have made another expensive toy for rich guys.
He could not have gotten this engine to work on an existing experimental platform (all designed around lyco/conti), all in the engine and prob weigh close to 650lbs, but nothing exists in this power range in existing engines and anything close is 50’s technology and close to 70k (over 300hp)
His fortitude and vision which has kept him going over the last 3 years in in what is a 7 day a week mission is incredible.

The test pilot refusing to fly the plane without a dual ECU for me was a red flag – this guy had no intention of flying the plane, the aerodynamics questions were frustrating but very understandable, the project owner refers to an engineer who he works with on the design but I don’t know if he is an aeronautical engineer.
I was concerned about the change in design for the elevators, not that I am an aerodynamic expert, as the decision seems to have been taken quite quickly without a lot of questioning.
For me this project is the equivalent of looking over the shoulders of the guys building the original cirrus, I want them to succeed – even if this never gets to full production or if it ends up being affordable at 300k (ie unaffordable) it will still be an amazing accomplishment by a man who just would not give up.

Even at 300K this pressurized diesel-burner would be a steal. In relative terms of course…

EBST, Belgium

As expected, he is hitting one problem after the other. The aileron issue and the way it was addressed make me shiver. This plane should not fly before going through serious flutter testing using the actuator and probes procedure.
One thing that upsets me is how he is dressed to do the high speed runs. At the very least I would wear a nomex overalls, gloves and helmet…

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland

There is some guy on FB pushing this project all the time

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

So the test pilots are coming next week and IF they are happy they might fly it.

Things are getting more interesting now!

United Kingdom

I have found a forum where the test pilots and an experienced consultant have published information confirming that they will be checking the plane and maybe flying it.

The general tone of the posts there is one of skepticism with some very well thought out analysis of why the project is doomed. The posters are very experienced home builders.

While I loved watching the build videos, I have always thought that the project was a pipe dream…
Meanwhile, it seems that the Raptor is showing enough issues that it may very well cancel itself without casualties.

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland

The test Pilots did a high speed taxi and are back mid -January after aileron cable changes.

So I’ll tune in mid-January!

United Kingdom

Video of taxi test

Is it just me or is there some funny vibe going in that video? The test pilot seems very chill but the builder not so much.


Found this on another forum and it describes my impression well:

Well seeing the first interaction with another person shows he is quite the control freak, and explains in part how the project got to be in the poor state it is today. I found myself shouting at the screen a couple of times: “Will you just shut-up!”. Such is his ego, I don’t think he realised who he was speaking to when he said “if there’s a problem do you want me to take over?”

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CB IR Instruction

Archer-181 wrote:

The test Pilots did a high speed taxi and are back mid -January after aileron cable changes.

Cable changes only ? The ailerons with the balancing weight hanging on the spade make no sense to me. I bet they will have requested a more fundamental change.

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland

This is a really interesting video from the test pilots

United Kingdom
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