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New Garmin standby instrument for permit aircraft

Avionics geek.
Somewhere remote in Devon, UK.

Niiice. And the price of $1199, if they keep that promise, is likely to unseat many a competitor.

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

Lots of extra detail here.

I think that will steel a lot of GRT Mini business as it also doubles as an autopilot controller.

It’d be nice to see an engine monitor in the same package.

Last Edited by Mark_1 at 01 Apr 20:38
KHWD- Hayward California; EGTN Enstone Oxfordshire, United States

Very very nice. Added to the Rv-14 avionics plans…


Looks nice, but it’s awfully small considering that it display lots of information. The display is about 40% smaller than the MGL Xtreme that is already as small as it gets without becoming too small. I really cannot see any meaningful use for this other than as an independent instrument backup for IFR (where it looks to be perfect btw). Why would anyone have a backup for VFR when everybody has at least two GPS’es in the cockpit already? But then again, It has a very good price, takes very little space and looks cool, so why not?

Also, “permit” is a UK only term, and makes no sense other places. Most experimentals in Europe are not operated on a “permit”. “Non-certified” is the only term that fits all the aircraft that can use this instrument.

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