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"A-EFIS" app from Talos Avionics

I’m sure we’ve discussed this backup A-EFIS before, so apologies for any duplication.

Requirements for both iOS and Android devices are: 3-axes gyroscope, a 3-axes accelerometer, a 3-axes magnetometer and a GPS receiver.

Would an iPad2 and/or iPhone 4S have these features? I assume it would be ‘assisted GPS’, though the definition of ‘assisted GPS’ is hazy (see: )

Please note this is in the Non-certified section of Euroga….

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We have had a number of threads here on why a smartphone can/can’t be used for this purpose.

A search on e.g.


(AND has to be uppercase)

should dig some out.

I think no clear conclusion has been reached as to why not. I suspect there is an issue with getting a reasonably accurate gravity vector, which is required for the slow background erection process.

One could then ask why they don’t use GPS to fix things up (constant track, constant GS, constant altitude = straight and level flight…). But I bet lots of people have been up this road because the way to do it is well known from certified avionics.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

There is the iLevil. I pilot here just upgraded his RV-4 with such a system.


I contacted the Greek company Talos Avionics behind A-EFIS with the following question:

I’m an IR rated pilot from the Netherlands and I consider using A-EFIS as a backup for vacuum failure.
I need to buy a new tablet. Is there a difference between the available iPad / Android tablets and their sensor accuracy? Which tablet would you recommend?

I got quite a comprehensive answer, and I thought it might be useful for others to share:

Thank you for your e-mail and we are glad that you liked our app and you want to use A-EFIS as a backup. Of course there is a difference between each tablet/smartphone regardless if it an iPad or Android, because each tablet/smartphone has different sensors and therefore different accuracy. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to provide statistics about each device accuracy due to manufacturers closed information about what sensors they are using. High end tablets and smartphones are a safer option for better accuracy of their internal sensors. At this point I have to mention an important feature in A-EFIS. There is a “Calibrate Sensors” button in our app that improves and adjusts sensors measurements for better results and you have to use this button to achieve better performance. However, in some occasions if the vibrations of your aircraft are really high or the magnetic fields produced from your airplane’s engine are really strong or you didn’t place your tablet at a good spot or smartphone’s/tablet’s internal sensors have low accuracy, it is possible that you may have some minor problems with A-EFIS behavior and at this point we have done our best and we couldn’t make things better. So, in these cases we suggest in our customers to buy the Aeolus-Sense sensor box, a device with all the necessary sensors and especially designed to achieve high performance results. In this case you didn’t have to use a high end tablet/smartphone with all the necessary internal sensors, but the only thing you need is a tablet/smartphone with Wifi capability and Android OS 4.0.3 and above or an Apple device with IOS 8.0 and above.

Until now, the customers who have followed our installation instructions carefully and they had high end tablets or smartphones they didn’t have any problems at all with A-EFIS. Now, about which tablet to choose I would suggest you to trust famous brands like Samsung, Apple, HTC, Google and Huawei. But you have to be careful that the device have the required internal sensors to work properly as a backup system. The necessary internal sensors are gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, barometer, compass and GPS. I quote below some indicative possible suggestions:

I think that I didn’t missed any required internal sensors on my suggestions but please check again carefully from the links above in the “Features” section and then subsection “Sensors” if that is true. Of course you can choose any other device that satisfies the requirements described earlier. Also, I have to mention that we have released an important update of A-EFIS app with version number 3.19.5, at this moment it is already published on Google Play and it is available for Android devices and by the end of this week it will be also available on App Store for IOS devices. The main features of this new important update are the following:
- Airport database included with 37000 airports to search through.
- Easy creation of Flight Plan in a few steps.
- Enroute selection of current position as a waypoint.
- HSI interface improvements.
- Course deviation indicator (CDI) sensitivity improvement.

You can find more information at links below:



Youtube Channel:

Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns and don’t hesitate to ask more infromation about A-EFIS or Aeolus-Sense sensor box.
Best regards,
Nikos Sourligas.
TalosAvionics Team.

just downloading the free version to give it a try on my galaxy note 4. Will see how it works.

LSZH, Switzerland
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