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My new panel

Incidentally, the AFS 4500 has an internal back-up battery that will power the screen for up to 1 hour.

Forever learning

I haven’t been able to get airborne recently but have been soending some time playing with all my knobs and buttons.
Having selected BUR as a direct to on the 430 and selected the right page on the EFIS I get a nice magenta line on the map page and a magenta HSI on the SV page both of which are confirming what I already know; BUR is about 10 degrees to port. However, the display on the 430 is giving a “fly right” indication and indeed if I engage the AP (whilst on the ground) the stick starts to move to the right as commanded by the 430. Any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong?
(At this point I was going to add a picture but from my iPhone I don’t see the “upload image” option)

Forever learning

You need to go into your EuroGA profile and select the advanced text editor, to see the extra options when using a phone.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I would be amazed if you could do any useful testing of this in the ground – your 430 has no idea which way the aircraft is pointing unless you’re in motion.

Here’s the pic.

Maybe you’re right stevelup, maybe you’re not but since the 430, in GPS mode, obviously knows that the VOR is straight ahead, one would imagine it would also know that one does not need to turn right in order to navigate one’s way to it. One of the reasons I posted the question in the first place. If the HSI was in green then the data would be analogue.

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Forever learning

Where are you seeing a fly-right indication on the 430? In your picture, the top line of the 430 display has the deviation bar centred which matches the one on the EFIS. The second line on the 430 is of course the Direct-to symbol (not an arrow pointing to the right) followed by the appropriate waypoint name.

Avionics geek.
Fairoaks. EGTF

Thanks, I was indeed misinterpreting the direct to symbol as a fly right symbol.
Today I flew a multi-leg flight plan and everything performed as expected so I guess the AP’s desire to turn right must have just been an “on the ground” issue.

Forever learning

I like the switches. Are they illuminated?

Aufwind GmbH
EKPB, Germany

Yes, they are illuminated but I’m afraid AVEO have stopped making them.

Forever learning

Am I correct in thinking the C172 wing loading would fail it for IFR (and Night?) if it was an LAA Permit aircraft?

EGPE, United Kingdom
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