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Where I can find LSA/Experimental/Ultralight projects?

Hi. I have in my garage uncertified rotax 912, some avionics – everything to build the plane.
I’m wondering where I can look for not-certified aircraft projects for sale? I know planecheck and pilot24 but maybe there is special page with advs. like that?
I would like to buy something what is flying around 110kts, its 2 seater and is designed for rotax 912.


If you have some German, you could look around (or even post a request) at
That said, it is not very clear what you are looking for:

  • a homebuild project started but abandoned
  • an accident plane/wreck
  • a new plane to build either from a kit or from plans
EBZH Kiewit, Belgium springs to mind. Or and

Aufwind GmbH
EKPB, Germany

Hi. Thanks for answer. I found one new link – maybe I will find something there.

I’m looking for plane without engine and electronic so usually crashed (then only metal), seized/dead/stolen engine, sometimes people have new/good engine and want to sell homebuilt without to build new one.
I don’t like to continue abandoned project because of registration problems later.

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