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Opinions on the VP-X

I’m interested to know any informed opinions people have on the VP-X.

I’m already an owner and I love it. It provides 25 software set electronic circuit breakers, full integration with the EFIS allowing you to see current on each circuit, turn on and off, and reset faults. It allows flap position monitoring and software set positions.

The LAA mailing list is discussing it, and there are a lot of naysayers, particularly in the context of IMC usage.

I consider it to be relatively low risk, even In a total meltdown situation, backup batteries mean at least 30 minutes of EFIS and EMS.

It’s dead easy to say “ooh sounds risky I’d rather use a CB” and hard to argue with, but I’d love to know some other opinions!


I don’t have the VP-X, but the MGL ECB. I haven’t flown with it yet (have to finish the airplane first ), but have no reservation about using it. The ECB is a different concept than the VP-X. The VP-X has lots of functionality, while the MGL ECB is only electronic circuit breakers, no need to program or anything, but it still can be included into the EFIS where everything can be monitored. I will use it in the simplest “mode”, monitored by switches with diodes. Each ECB “box” has 8 breakers, and up to 8 “boxes” can be used in parallel.

IMO such systems should be orders of magnitude more reliable than an old system with breakers, switches, and a myriad of cabling. (I also use switches, but they are pure digital input, no current worth mentioning is flowing through them. I could have used the EFIS, but that looks unpractical).


Carl did you talk to “Waveflyer” on Flyer as he has one in his RV-7 and about 2 years experience flying with it.

I know he bypassed the VPX for his AI (electric). He has twin Skyviews (backup batteries).

If you haven’t and need his email let me know


Gloucester UK (EGBJ)

Previous threads on the VP-X are here here and here

They are worth reading! No IFR approval on a G-reg, for a start.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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