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O2 (Oxygen) refill in South-East-Africa (Kenya, Mosambik)

Hello everybody,

can someone tell me where I can refill Oxygen in Africa?

Preferably in Kenya (Loki, Malindi, Mombasa) or Mozambique.
Is it good to do this at the above airports, or are there alternatives, especially on the Kenyan coast?


I was in a similar situation in Greece – Crete, at Hania – about 10 years ago, and started at scuba shops and eventually got sent to an industrial gas factory run by a relative of the scuba shop owner They had oxygen and loads of fittings and adaptors.

So I would look for a gas factory.

It may not be easy…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

You are right Peter – also my first Idea. I found a gas company in Mombasa, how ever, refilling at the Airport would be much easier.

Got a hint in regard to Wilson – unfortunately, would take an additional landing.

Out of curiosity: why not fly a bit lower along the airways? I would file even VFR with as route the IFR route, so you are not bound to the minimum enroute altitudes along the airways.

EDLE, Netherlands
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