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Oil analysis UK - recommendations?

I have never performed oil analysis. I am based in the UK and I would like to start.

Any recommendations?

United Kingdom

I used QinetiQ very good service and fair price, saying that I have a niggle at the back of my head that they might have stop. Give them a shout and check. Now I use to analyse my car’s oil. You need to talk with Gary Tindall 01709-876712 or email [email protected] The service is very fast and the reports are clear.

This thread lists some UK options. I last used QinetiQ (a few years ago) and as that thread shows their data was aligned with Blackstone in the US, while others were way different.

Now I use Blackstone. They are fine but samples can take 2 months to get there (airmail) and occassionally one gets lost, so I always take two samples and keep one here.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I’ve used Spectro in Odiham, Hampshire, England for years. No experience of anyone else but have been completely satisfied with Spectro. Quick and clear reports. £60 incl VAT.

EGNS/Garey Airstrip, Isle of Man

I send my oil samples to Millers Oils who charge £33 for two pre-paid analyses. They email the results within a day or two and one of their technicians flies from Breighton.

From time to time I also send a sample to Blackstone Labs, whose results are not significantly different.

Glenswinton, SW Scotland, United Kingdom

After I did my first try with a local shop, only to find out they charge 8 EUR and send it to Blackstone, I now ship direct …

We use QinetiQ and have had no problems, the service is prompt and the analysis charts clear so I can’t find any reason to change as most people are reporting similar service & price levels.

The only people reporting problems are saying stuff got lost in the post, this seems to be a reflection on the shippers rather than the labs so perhaps the best lab is the nearest one simply because there is less chance of the shipper misplacing the sample.

Slight aside from the above. Went to a seminar run by Continental engines a couple of years ago at Aeroexpo. Their view on oil analysis was that it is pointless. They said they build the equivalent to tractor engines that make metal from day one. I tend to agree with them.

Near Luton

It depends

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I use Blackstones.
I sent them a sample on 20th December and I got the results on 4th January.

EGLK, United Kingdom
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