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Owning more than one plane

Over the years I have known quite a few people who had a “little slow” plane and a “bigger fast” plane. For example a TB20 and a TBM. One guy I know has a taildragger and a TBM.

I wonder how many here have something like this?

It is an attractive option (subject to money, obviously) because the two do very different jobs. You probably cannot get decent photos out of a pressurised plane… nor will you be doing short local trips in it.

OTOH it probably does affect currency on type…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Not quite what you asked, but I theoretically do have two planes: a “travel plane” (Jodel) and a “fun” plane (motorglider, single seater) for bumbling around in thermals and sightseeing in the alps.

The good thing of the motorglider is that it’s probably the smallest and cheapest to operate plane whose operation counts toward SEP currency. For me this is a life saver, as it looks like Annex 2 aeroplanes might not be used anymore to maintain SEP currency according to recent EASA legislation (see; sorry, in German).

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Actually as someone who owns a rotax powered permit aircraft and a certified aircraft I find it very frustrating. The permit aeroplane is so much more reliable and cheaper to run.

I don’t do any maintance and I find the quality of work that is done on the permit aircraft to be superior. Part of this is due to the parts being cheaper so you can replace old with new.

Also where there are rip off prices such as ignition modules at 1800 quid a pair. You can get aftermarket ones for 600 quid.

The only downside is it’s not approved for IFR.

Yes the above issue is still not resolved. Some previous threads e.g. here. However if one of the planes you own is a certified type, you can use that one for the 12hrs every 2 years requirement.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

You don’t need 12h in 24 Months. You can take a skilltest with an FE instead. Very much like the FAA BFR.

On topic: The Lake is for swimming, The tempete will be for fun, the Ka1 will be for gliding and a tourer is yet to come.

Inside the sky.
EDXE, EDXF, Germany

Whilst I don’t currently have more than one, I certainly would like to and do keep an eye out. I know quite a few people who.

A fun bush plane, a touring plane and something aerobatic / warbird would be a great combination if way beyond my means.

The Warrior funds the Super Cub with some left over:)

Enstone (EGTN), Oxford (EGTK)

I think if I had the kind of money required to own and fly both a TBM and a TB20 or other SEP, I’d just use the TBM for everything including lots of VFR flights at 2000 ft AGL. Then I’d post extensively on aviation forums about flying the TBM like a C172 and get lots of fun out of trolling people with this. Seems like a sure fire way to troll “sky gods”, just fly your 3 million Euro plane like a student pilot with his C152…

Novice pilot
EDVM Hildesheim

Zorg wrote:

For me this is a life saver, as it looks like Annex 2 aeroplanes might not be used anymore to maintain SEP currency according to recent EASA legislation

I thought this had been fixed – that it was some interpretation by a bureaucrat somewhere, and EASA had confirmed that this was NOT the case, and annex II aircraft were fine for currency requirements.

Andreas IOM

@MedEwok the TB20 vs TBM is just an analogy

For myself, will be happy if I own something exotic and cheap to fly for fun unlimited and rent something exotic and expensive to travel occasionally, anything in between will be a hell of boring after a while ;)

Then your budget & currency & feeling will decide how wide and skew your flying segment ;)

It is the same as Phenom vs TBM, TB20 vs C172, C172 vs C150, C150 vs Cub, Cub vs 3 axis Micro, 3 axis vs wingshift…

As long as you know what you want and you can afford it, it should not matter what scale or forum you are in, I am in anyway asking you to cheat on your aircraft !

Let’s ask Peter on what he really want between TB20 and TBM (I bet he loves the TB20)

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ESSEX, United Kingdom
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