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PA-46 For short trips (Business)

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Get1jet PC12 and tbms are running all year over Cannes and STP,
Jetfly and globair operates PC12 also in europe. One testimony says at jetfly, 3500€ net/m for captain, 2100 for 1stOff, (
We have some alumni in our FTO, regularly picking up copilots, but usually in FTO, young wants to go jets or airlines.

LFMD, France

Are these AOC or fractional ownerships? Different business models.

Oxford (EGTK)

Hello again,

Thank you very much for your replies. It really shows how big the Euro GA is.

Some of you have approached me on PM and I have put you in contact with the idea’s owner.

As far as I know, this operation might or not might be profitable depending on the expected flights, that is. If everything is set but you have a flight lets say every two weeks, I am sorry but this won’t work out. About the AOC, it’s true, it’s expensive but you can always relay on a Guernsey or Malta company and add your a/c to their existing AOC (at a fee). My suggestion is to start as a fractional ownership with potential passengers (maybe 4-5 guys will fly +100h/year because they need to fly for business), you can even create blocks of hours. Kind of private aviation club where all the passengers are owners at the same time. After some time of operating on this manner, marketing, mouth-to-mouth, etc…it’s time to analyze the market and make predictions. Hopefully you will have the data to see if a CAT operation (with all the attached costs) will be profitable or not. If the answer is YES, you can start thinking about AOC if not, carry on with the fractional ownership. Just my two cents.


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