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Panshanger EGLG (near London) Circuit

OK, we're not going to be showcasing this at the next Cannes Film festival, and the location is not as beautiful as a place within the French Alps or something, and nor is it any kind of lesson on how to fly like Biggles, but this video shows the Panshanger aerodrome during a circuit last weekend filmed on 3 different cameras.

[Panshanger Circuit]

Thanks for sharing Piper.

Currently going through circuit training at Denham. This is useful to me as I watch the video and go through the steps/actions/checklist and refreshes the memory. Hopefully this weekend I will do better than the last one!

Those trees on final look like they have grown since I used to fly into Panshanger!

A departure on the opposite runway in a PA28-140 at MTOW plus 20% would be interesting

That's a great video, with the two windows. What software did you use to make it? I would like to do something similar but with data (airspeed, fuel remaining, etc and maybe a small moving map) in the window(s), but that is a lot more complicated.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Good luck Geekflyer. I think on the same YouTube account there is another video my wife did where the cockpit was the main focus. It was interesting as I think I actually could criticise myself, and was the first time in 8 years I really looked at what I did, and where I was fidgeting around pointlessly.

@Peter - they may have grown. I think they are just under 200 ft. Coming in over that side, can be quite turbulent so you come in steeper than usual. But yes, taking off towards them, fully loaded in any plane is a bit of a interesting ;-) I think in my early days, I floated a bit too far down the runway, did a touch and go, and the instructor had to 'guide' me to the left a bit, where the trees are a touch lower. I am not sure it was entirely necessary but that is an option.

Peter - sorry I didn't answer the software question. It was Power Director 11. My wife is the video person. It looks like a very comprehensive package, and while I haven't used it myself, I have seen a few other people produce some pretty good videos quite quickly with it. This was filmed with 2 x Canon EOS600D DSLR's and 1 x JVC FullHD Camcorder. If we were going to do this properly, we would use GoPro's or something like that.

"Everybody" seems to be going to Go-Pro route but the result - while being unquestionably "HD" - is a bit like when Pagemaker came out in the 1980s. You could immediately tell if a car boot sale poster was done on Pagemaker

Your setup will not produce the geometric distortion which seems to be a Go-Pro trademark.

There is a scene in one of the Indiana Jones movies where they are flying a DC3 (of course) and have an inset moving map, which (given the epoch of the movie) shows the various very old country names. That would be quite good fun to do, but I suspect very non-trivial unless you already know how. A while ago I found some people in Usenet who do this for a living but they all seemed to be using obscure unix tools to do the mixing and the dynamic subtitles.

I have used Pinnacle (crap and crashes), Premiere Elements (crap and crashes slightly less), and now use Sony Vegas which seems to be very good, but the most advanced I managed to do was a flight timer!

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I think I remember something called PageMaker when I first tried my hand at design, though this was more early 90's. I also remember somehow being able to create A1 posters on an Apple Mac with something like a 8 inch colour screen. Thank god technology has progressed :-)

Yeah I'm not so sure about the GoPro's. A colleague at work has taken movies skiing, skateboarding, motorcycling and so on, and while the quality and clarity is very high, everything has a 'fish eye' lens look about it, which gets a bit annoying after a while. I guess that's the effect of having a small diameter lens with a wide angle set of optics. I'm not sure if the focal range can be changed to reduce this effect like you might on a 'proper' camera.

I do have Premiere Elements, as it came as part of a bundle with Adobe Photoshop elements, but it's not as good, from what I can tell. For an Adobe product, its pretty poor compared to many others, which are very good (especially Adobe Lightoom for photo editing.

Nice video. You also take some really good pictures PiperArcher. I had a peek at you flickr pictures (being the nosey person I am) and was really impressed.

Always looking for adventure

Thanks Bloomer, that's very kind. Flying is my #1 hobby, but its good to have a hobby that is a bit cheaper too, and I like the challenge of trying to get some good pics, but trust me there are a lot of rubbish ones which don't get put on Flickr ;-) Adobe Lightroom makes them look a bit better as well.

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