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Planning a three day intensive flying trip

I’ve just posted the wife off to Paris for the weekend while I look after our toddler. In exchange I get a 3 day weekend flying with a friend.

I’m based on the south coast near Shoreham, and fly an RV-10.

I’m looking for some good suggestions of where to go on a round trip. Happy to fly quite a lot, say two legs of two hours each on day one and day three and maybe a little less on the middle day.

I want to go somewhere new I’ve never flown to. I’ve only been to France, Holland, Spain, italy.

We are both interested in all things aviation, technical and he is a professional photographer. So some nice photo opportunities needed!

Peenemunde caught my eye, also interested in Poland perhaps. Or Scottish islands. Can’t decide.

Anyone got any suggestions?


I would do Ile d’Ouessant (LFEC) then on to Belle Île (LFEA) maybe stopping at Quiberon (LFEQ) on the way, then down to lle d’Yeu (LFEY), clearing customs at Dinard or Deauville.
Or if you wanted to go further why not San Sebastian or Pamplona ?

Have a good trip.

Make LKLT Letňany your “base”, though it might be a bit more than four hours in your RV. Great museum at Kbely, within walking distance. Fine scenery in the mountains to the North and West, and the fabulous city of Prague near at hand.

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EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

I like the idea of going for LKLT – if i route south of Belgium*, it comes in at 4:05 direct at 145kts. If i can get some altitude i can go faster than that, so it’s definitely inside the target distance. Looks like a stop just inside Germany might be good to split into two legs. I’m not keen on long single legs, i like to stretch my legs! Anybody know anywhere nice in Germany close to Luxembourg?

So – this means prague on Friday night. So then on saturday i fancy a flight 2 hours from Prague. Anything interesting on the prague side of Austria?

Quatrelle – thanks for the suggestions, all good fields – but for this trip i’m fancying going further afield. I’ve already been to Pamplona, so i think north/eastbound might suit best for this trip.

Thinking of Saarbrucken on the way there…. just happens to be in the right place. Good for lunch!

* Belgium requires some nonsense to get a permit aircraft approved to fly in their airspace – so easier just to avoid it.

Last Edited by carlmeek at 06 May 17:19

The BE regulation for Annex 2 aeroplanes is a shame, as a Belgian I am really annoyed with it. Also, I am sure it creates more cost to the Belgian authorities than the paltry amount it brings in. That said, I have never yet heard of anyone actually getting in trouble with it, certainly not if merely overflying. I think, if I were in your shoes, I’d take the risk and fly straight to some German field.

You have however the additional issue of needing to pass immigration aka customs so your first field cannot be freely choosen. EDSG Siegerland might suit you. Nearer Luxemburg perhaps EDDR Saarbrücken, indeed.

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EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Thanks Jan,

We’re actually fancying Saarbrücken.

Last time I compiled with the BE legislation it took WEEKS and was clearly a very manual process, definitely cost more than it achieved for them!

Last Edited by carlmeek at 06 May 20:33

carlmeek wrote:

We’re actually fancying Saarbrücken and a quick trip to the Nurburgring.

If you want to go there, use Bitburg instead of Saarbrücken. A lovely little airfield with about the friendliest staff you are going to encounter anywhere!

EDDS - Stuttgart

Forget the nurburgring, seems to be over 1 hour drive from Bitburg or Saarbrucken – duff info from my passenger!!


There are many positive reviews of Bitburg indeed – but do they provide immigration service? Also, if and when flying there, be aware of the airspace of the nearby Spangdahlem USAF base.

Regarding the Nürburgring (sic!) I flew over a couple of times, but never saw any activity. And a non-active racetrack is just as uninteresting as a closed aerodrome.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

I reckon we’re firm on Day 1 EGKL Deanland – EDDR SAARBRÜCKEN spend the day there and then go to LKLT Letňany and spend the night.

Day 2 …. less clear :)

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