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PPL in Denmark + New member says Hello ;-)

Hi everyone, my name is Marcel and as most you guys, I always wanted to be a pilot! :)

Before starting a discussion about flying in Denmark, let me write a couple of lines about myself:

  • 23 y.o. male from the Czech Republic
  • based in Copenhagen, Denmark since August 2015
  • BSc. in Computer Science, currently finishing MSc. in Engineering
  • working as Account Manager

As I said, flying had been a dream of mine since early childhood. But coming from a small village in the Czech Republic with parents making about 1.5k€ monthly combined, it was just a pipe dream tat would never come true.

Fast forward 15 years, now I live in Denmark, just about to finish my MSc. while working full time as an Account Manager for a SaaS company. By working my ass off during my university studies, I jump started my non-aviation career quite well. And a couple of months ago, while getting off the plane on a holiday, I glanced to the cockpit through the open door. Suddenly I remembered my childhood dream I suppressed for past 15 years…

So here I am, almost finished with my MSc. and with a career in SaaS sales that can support my aviation dream and serves as a solid back-up, should anything go wrong. Now I can pony up approx €2k /15k DKK a month for aviation (after putting some money on the side and paying fixed costs). Once I graduate in June, the number will get to €3.3k/25k DKK a month.

I started to look for a flight school to get my PPL. More than the money, the issue is the time. There is no way I can leave work for 2-3 months to complete PPL and I’d rather use the vacation for time-building somewhere cheaper than Denmark :D So I am looking for aviation schools with following criteria:

  • in Demark, ideally near Copenhagen
  • English instruction
  • weekend/evening/distance/e-learning ground school

So far, I found a couple of them that might be a good fit:

Learntofly ApS (Aalborg)
Flight4000 (Roskilde)
GreyBird Pilot Academy (Aarhus)
Air Taxi (Copenhagen)

Do you have any experience with these flight schools or do you know someone who studied/teaches there? I’ve already asked all of them for pricing, other info, and requested a trial flight, but I want to hear the experience of people who are not affiliated with them.

Thank you and happy flying!

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Ahoj Marcel.

I use Copenhagen Airtaxi for school flights and also did my PPL there many years ago. Maybe no the cheapest school in Roskilde but very professional.

Roskilde flyveklub also has instructors and a school:

EKRK, Denmark

I’m based in Roskilde and have sent you an email.


Welcome to EuroGA, Marcel. I come from CZ too

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Why don’t you do as a couple of other Danes….just look over the bridge. There are a few schools in the area and from my judgement and experience, may I suggest Nordic Flight Training at Malmö Airport.

I am not updated on the cost side, but assume it’s in general abit lower on the Swedish side. However, please don’t just look at the cost and promises too good to be true. “You get what you pay for” is a general rule of thumb that works also in aviation.

Strong suggestion is to have the financing secured before you start. It can easily be quite a few unneccessary (expensive) hours, if you have to take a pause do to cash constraints. Maybe start with theory first, if you are eager to get started?

Welcome to the wonderful world of flying and never stop learning!

(I guess you can PM me privately here, if you want to ask more)

ESOW, Sweden
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