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PPL in The Netherlands, with exams in English?

About PPL training in the Netherlands
Hello everyone,
My daughter (16 years old) is interested to gain her PPL.We live in NL but we don’t speak Dutch and she goes to an English school.
She wants to do the theory test first and next spring to start with flying lesssons so she can gain her PPL at 17.
After searching on internet I found she could register with the CBR (Dutch organization similar to CAA) and do the theory exams but only in Dutch…
1. Is it possible to do the written exams in another EASA country in English (Belgium,UK,Ireland etc) and still do only her flying training with the flying test for the issue of a Dutch ppl?
2.Is possible to do the theory exams without recommendation of a ground school?
3. Which Dutch flying school would you recommend? She is thinking of continuing into Airline training after university so we need a good school for her ppl.
3. Any other options ,perhaps for an express ppl training in another EASA country for the next summer since she will be on a 2 month school holiday and she is determined to complete it
Thank you all


For theory she should contact Blubird Flight Training at Lelystad – they can give instruction in English and Arie Nijman is a top guy.

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

Thanks for the information Peter, but the problem is still the exams are in Dutch…I have to find out if the Dutch CAA will accept exam from another EASA country.


You need to got to Brussels in order to do the exams in English.
But it’s quite cheap (94 EUR in total in Belgium versus 98 EUR per exam in NL).

Orbit Groundschool offers PPL Distance Learning in English and they can arrange the EN exams in Brussels for you. See:

Dear Lenthamen, Thank you.
It sounds really great , I will certainly check it out!
I only wonder if the Dutch CAA will accept that. By the way guys, what is the direct phone line for contacting the Dutch CAA?
Happy landings


Yes, the Dutch CAA will accept it.

I know a guy who recently did this route (PPL theory in English via Orbit Groundschool) and exams in English in Brussels. He did the practical training at a flight school in Lelystad. There are also ATPL students that take the exams in Brussels just for cost reasons.

You could give Orbit Groundschool a call to request more info. They have a lot of foreign students and are professional. I did my IR with them.

An important part of the theory lessons is exam preparation. So you need to make sure that the training material “fits” the exams.
This might be an issue with schools that can do training in English but prepares for the Dutch exams. Not only the language is different, but the questions will be different too

The Dutch CAA contact details from the AIP:

Once again thank you for your time and info shared!


Following up on this thread, I started last week the PPL groundschool via distance learning with Orbit for similar reasons as the OP (expat living in the Netherlands, Dutch language skills not yet sufficient for taking exams, and also see no use in taking exams in Dutch when English is the lingua franca for aviation).

@Moderator: Please split the following off into a new thread if that makes more sense.

For the practical part, I would be able to use the two aeroclubs at Rotterdam airport; one operates a few Robin DR400, the other one a few Diamond DA40, both with a Diesel engine. I had last year an introduction flight with the Robin, mostly for the reason to see if my girlfriend would be happy on board such a vehicle (yes, she is, so one major hurdle cleared); assuming that the hourly rates are not substantially different, would there be any advantage to either plane?

And second question: Since the (naïve?) idea is to use a plane for family trips to either south of Germany or central Poland, and to tour the surrounding countries, would I be better off to look at ownership or rental? Hourly rates of the clubs seem to be almost 200,- Euros, so a 2-3h trip (per leg) to visit family and back would set me back quite substantially when renting. For ownership, I would as with my car treat the buying price as a one-off sunk payment, and look at the running cost as hourly rate (but Rotterdam seems to be quite high-priced regarding hangarage).


EHRD / Rotterdam

That’s strange, even in Croatia you can take PPL exam in English

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Ah, but my boss won’t give me half a year off to pursue my PPL in Croatia – even if I would love to do that, flying in the morning, sailing in the afternoon, good food at night ;)

It’s not unreasonable, it’s their country, rules, and language, so I am happy that there’s a way to do it via the exams in Brussels (also a few hundred quid less expensive than the Dutch exams, so I can invest in more flying hours which should be a good thing).

EHRD / Rotterdam
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