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Process for obtaining a Export Cert from UK CAA

I have a client that want s to move from UK reg to FAA and the DAR is requesting an Export Certificate.

The plane is airworthy and just had it’s C of A renewed 3 weeks ago.

Can anyone brief me on the process, cost and time involved ?



From memory I had to apply to the FAA. Needless to say we did not have one. Took about two months because they had to request from a storage facility. it was better to phone the States directly, Washington, and speak with an admin officer.They were in the middle of putting the documents onto Microphish so it may have changed and be quicker. Think it was app $100.00, but again it was some twelve years ago.In the end I got a scanned copy.

Pray they have it on file because I was told that if I could not produce it, the transfer was off. Sorry I cannot be more specific

Let me add I assume it is an American airfarme. Mines being Beech originated in the States.

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BeechBaby wrote:

From memory I had to apply to the FAA

That is the “normal” procedure for a US made aircraft.

Unfortunately, we are unable to locate the original Airworthiness and/or Export cert that was issued when the plane left the factory.

IN this case, the DAR is requesting that the UK CAA issue an Export Certificate since the plane is registered in the UK.

Surely someone here has experience this ?


Has anyone actually got an Export Certificate from the CAA that they can share the experience please ?


The process for these is usually not difficult. You just apply, someone will survey the aircraft and go over its records and you are issued the certificate.

It is up to the DAR if they need an export C of A. I just did this moving from the Swiss registry to the FAA and one was not required.

Just remember in the process that you can’t deregister the aircraft before the export c of a is issued as they can only be issued while UK registered and I have heard of a situation where one was accidentally deregistered. This meant it had to get reregistered on the European register, get the export CofA and then get deregistered again.

There is lots of info here.

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Thanks Jason.

Indeed, it’s the D A R that’s asking for it since we have absolutely no trace of the previous FAA AW Cert nor a previous Export Cert and the plane in question is over 30 years old.

My main concern right now is the delay: I’ve been warned that the CAA is in short supply of Inspectors and may be back-logged several months .

Can anyone comment on that ?


Very unusual for the FAA not to have that on file. For Cessna’s I have had the factory tech representatives dig out their microfiche files of two airplanes. Maybe that’s an option for you?


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