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Project Propeller 2016

Good evening Ladies and Gentlmen

I’m the airside organiser for Project Propeller, which holds its next event at Scampton on 4th June. May I start by offering my apologies to Peter, who made the effort to make contact with me and invite me to this site. I had problems getting registered for the forum, and resolving these went into the “must do at some point pile” – it has taken me this long to get it sorted, but hopefully it will all be smooth from here.

Following an article in the Royal Air Force Association “Airmail” magazine, I have had a flood of veteran registrations, so the numbers are stronger than they’ve been for many years. At present, I have over 180 veterans due to attend. I’m working through the rostering process now, and will advertise gaps as and when I identify them. If you would like to volunteer to fly for the Project, you can do so by clicking the attached link:

At present, I have the following resource needs:

  • Haverfordwest – a Wellington/Mosquito Navigator who flew 70 operations over three tours, 2 with the Pathfinders. He is aged 98 and very mobile. He’s attending on his own, so a 2 seater would work as well as a 4 seater.
  • Dunkeswell – 3 veterans plus 2 companions awaiting rostering; a Harvard Pilot, a Lancaster Wireless Operator / Air Gunner, and a Hampden/Mosquito Pilot.
  • North Midlands – various opportunities around Nottingham/Derby/Netherthorpe

Whilst I welcome registrations from all pilots, the ones that stand the best chance of being rostered to a veteran are those that fly 4 seat aircraft, because so many veterans need to bring companions with them now. High-wing four seaters are in particular demand.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I will try to monitor this thread and respond swiftly. You can reach me via e-mail at Graham[AT]

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Welcome to the forum Graham.

Having taken part in Project Propeller myself for the first time last year, I would like to encourage any UK pilot who thinks that they might like to get involved in this most worthy cause to sign up ASAP – I am sure you won’t regret it!

UK, United Kingdom

Thanks, ILF

We’re now up to 190 registrants, so please do register if you’re available. I will do my utmost to communicate efficiently, and will let any registrant pilot have my phone numbers, so they can call for an update on likely rostering prospects at any time

Current veteran numbers stand at 212, of which 160 are rostered. I’ve got plans in place for most of the remainder, I just need to work through the rostering, and in some cases, await responses from pilots.

I’ve got definite gaps as follows:

Dunkeswell: 3 veterans plus companions, 1 unaccompanied veteran
Lydd: Mosquito Intruder pilot ; needs to be high wing / easy access
Headcorn: Catalina/Dakota pilot plus companion
Coventry: Beaufighter Navigator plus companion.
Woodvale: Spitfire / Hurricane pilot; needs to be high wing / easy access

If you’re able to cover any of these, please do shout!

It is an excellent event and I am supporting it. Nice way to use our aircraft to give some veterans a good day out.

EGTK Oxford

Woodvale veteran is now rostered

JasonC wrote:

It is an excellent event and I am supporting it. Nice way to use our aircraft to give some veterans a good day out

Nice one Jason. I shall look forward to meeting you and your new aircraft on the day!

UK, United Kingdom

Rostering update

Position currently as follows:

Active veterans: 215
Rostered, pilot in contact: 65
Rostered, pilot not yet confirmed in contact: 108
Unrostered; 42

Of those that are unrostered, I’m either waiting for pilots to confirm willingess to reposition or veterans to confirm aircraft type acceptable. If you’ve had a rostering, and not been in touch with your veteran yet, please make initial contact and let me know it’s been done. This will save me a lot of follow up work later.

The updated, known gaps are as follows:

Blackbushe – Halifax Gunner plus companion
Bournemouth – Airspeed Oxford Pilot plus companion; Halifax Navigator plus companion (high wing/easy access needed)
Cardiff – Anson Pilot plus companion
Coventry – Beaufighter Navigator plus companion
Dunkeswell – Lancaster WOp/AG plus companion; Hampden/Mosquito pilot
Gloucester – Baltimore pilot plus companion
Headcorn – Catalina/Dakota pilot plus companion
Lee on Solent – Spitfire pilot plus companion; high wing/easy access needed
Leicester / Bruntingthorpe: Lancaster WOp/AG plus companion
Lydd – Mosquito pilot; high wing/easy access needed
Old Sarum – Wellington Bomb Aimer plus companion; high wing/easy access preferred
Shoreham – Tiger Moth pilot plus companion
Southend – Spitfire pilot plus companion
Swansea – Lancaster Flight Engineer ROSTERED
White Waltham – Lancaster pilot plus companion; Meteor pilot plus companion

If there’s any pilots who could help with these, please register here: You can also e-mail me directly with any queries: graham[AT]

Last Edited by Grim_Reaper at 27 Jan 21:21

Do they have to be aircrew? I met a very lucid ninety-something fitter the other day – worked primarily on bombers. I could potentially rent a C172 from Welshpool.

Kwlf, regrettably, the answer is yes. The whole ethos of the Project is that it’s today’s aviators, flying with those of WW2 vintage. We would be snowed under if we opened the doors yet further

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