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Project Propeller (UK)

Anybody signed up for this years Project Propeller?
It will be my first time, flying a veteran from close to Shoreham up to RAF Cosford.
I believe the organisers are always on the lookout for more pilots and more WW2 aircrew veterans, especially from Shoreham/Goodwood areas

Project Propeller is brilliant, or at least it was when I did it several years ago. It’s a real treat to fly the former aircrew. I’d strongly recommend that anyone contemplating it give it a go.

EGTR / London, United Kingdom

I invited the organiser of Project Propeller to post about it here. He responded positively but has not appeared yet as far as I can see.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I’ve signed up to PP. Like ABar, this will be my first time.

I’ll be picking up my vet from Gloucester, having spoken to him he sounds as bright as a button and quite excited. As, I have to say, am I.

Last I knew there were still a few pilots required, so if you feel like joining in make touch through the registration site above with all speed.

And another – repositioning at Shoreham to collect our Lancaster rear gunner and his wife and then head up from there. We’re all really looking forward to it – first timers also! See you there!

UK, United Kingdom

I’m picking up 3 vets from Bembridge, including a ATA… She has 70 types in her logbook!


I’ve just registered, hope the weather is ok, as although I’m IR’d my aircraft isn’t yet (Come on LAA…)

I can’t get this year as I’m out of the country but last year was a great occasion, easy to partake in and my hurricane pilot was one of the most interesting passengers I’ve had the pleasure to share a cockpit with!

I’m booked in for Cosford, splitting the P1 with my friend Jon Mercer, and have been allocated our WWII vet. We’re flying him and his companion from Gloucester.

Has been about 1/2 dozen PP aircraft flying out of Gloucester for past PP’s.

An amazing experience and privilege.

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