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Recommended stopover airport on flight from EDMA (Augsburg/Bavaria) to EIDW (Dublin)

Probably someone has a recommendation for me…

I am flying on 2nd January from EDMA to EIDW. I want to make a stopover in the north of France or Belgium for refueling and
a short lunch break. Does anybody of you who is familiar with that area give me a hint?
(would need JET fuel). Another idea is flying from EDMA to Guernsey (EGJB) staying for the night and then continuing next morning after a short trip
through the island.

What about customs?
I take a Brazilian and Japanese passport holder with me.



EGTK Oxford

Luxembourg, CI or UK would be the obvious choice for a fuel stop due to low fuel price. But even France and Belgium are quite good. Almost every place is much cheaper than Germany.

I stayed at Guernsey exactly one year ago. My writeup is here. For dinner, do go to “Le Petit Bistro” in St. Peter Port. Excellent food and wine. Early booking is essential though.

More on the CI here.

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Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

If in a DA42, might not it be easier to go non stop? Have done this route in a Lycoming engine twin, and if I recall around five hours, expect vectors around the South of the London TMA. In terms of turn around Lydd is a convenient stop, although the restaurant may not be up to Bosco’s standards.

Oxford (EGTK)

Tanks you for your recommendations.
Bosco liked your reoport and website…
Robert, know that I could go direct without a stop, but have pax on board that probably could not get through the 5-6 hs of flight…


Manitu wrote:

Manitu 25-Dec-15 16:14 #05
Tanks you for your recommendations.
Bosco liked your reoport and website…

What kind of range (Hrs.) do have with 4 adults on board and light luggage?


ELLX Luxembourg would be ok, but is a bit close to your departure point, perhaps.
More or less half-way are EBOS Oostende, EBAW Antwerpen, LFAC Calais. All of these have ILS approaches, Jet A1 available (not sure about LFAC, though) and are used to handling foreign passports. Though there should be no passport issues anyway as everything remains intra-Schengen.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Endurance in hs is 5:50 at Power Setting 75%
(TAS 160kt at 14.000ft according to AFM).

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