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Wrestling with the destination for this weekend – does anybody have recent experience of Riga airport?

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

If I end up going there, too then keep in mind that our flight paths would be crossing so that I have the right of way!

Unfortunately not (last visit was 13 years ago!), but from what I hear, all in all, at EVRA, it will cost you roughly 100 Euros, so not cheap but not entirely bad either.

However, are you aware that there is a very convenient VFR city airport there called “Spilve”? Must be really nice (I like those old, neglected city airports…) and more or less in the city, but I guess its concrete runway will be slightly rough.

They also have a website now, see here.

Someone from Latvia ocasionally posts here, so he might chime in.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

(I like those old, neglected city airports…)

You could do worse things then than to visit the old Kaunas airport (S. Darius and S. Girenas, EYKS) while we are talking about that corner of Europe.

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EBZH Kiewit, Belgium


I fly to Riga in summer time at least once a week for $100 hamburger, so I know almost everything about it )))

The better choise for Riga is EVRS offcourse. Note, that recently EVRA has changed their visual approach charts and if you wish to transit EVRA CTR, you’ll have to check the new one. Entry points have been changed and special VFR transit route introduced. If you’ll come from Lithuania, you can just avoid EVRA.

EVRS is still not in AIP (they promise to include it, but certification still pending) and actual entry points are also not mentioned anywhere. Old entry point (the same as for Riga CTR) PARKS is now removed from AIP. New points for EVRS are GOLF and TERMO. Both are located on east boundary of EVRS ATZ. GOLF is nothern point, over golf fields. TERMO is southern, over plant with high chimneys. It’s easy to locate them. Please be advised, that you have to stay 1000ft or below in EVRS cuz it’s under EVRA CTR. GOLF is for base of rwy 14, TERMO – for 32.

Also, please be aware, that there may be difficulties with AVGAS on Spilve.

Finally, during last two week, military excersises and associated prohibited areas may appear in NOTAM. You may wish to check them before flight.

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We would be arriving from Sweden so I guess we need customs – that and the need for 100LL may rule out Spilve

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

Why? Both Sweden and Latvia are EU + Schengen…

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

You don’t need customs for flight from Sweden. Regarding AVGAS, EVRA time-to-time also fails to provide it, so you’ll need to give them a call. Landing-handling-parking in EVRA 150EUR+ (it was more than 100LVL in 2013). Perhaps, if you plan landing just for refuel, it would be cheaper. Also, check ESSV and EEKE for AVGAS.

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Latvian AIP. It also contains PDF with actual VFR 1:500000 chart.

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I found Riga welcoming 2 years ago with low landing fees and tie down costs. All in costs were no where near 100 EUR. Tie down was 3.5 Euros/day & the landing fee was something like 11 EUR. They were eager to show hospitality to GA. I had a flight to catch to Moscow leaving shortly & they called the gate to let them know I was coming and rushed me through security to catch the flight. The city itself is a great for a weekend visit. That was 2 years ago. Maybe things have changed.

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Tököl LHTL
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