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Running McCauley Prop and Governor On Condition

Hello, I´ve tried to look for info in older threads, but the ones i´ve seen are too old (2012), new Easa regulation.
I´m writing new maintenance programme for my C182P, and I´m considering to put the propeller and governor “on condition”. But I dont find the alternative inspection that must be done, to avoid prop OH after 6 years. Can anybody tell me where to find info about this? or show mw whats written on a maintenance programe to apply deviation of the prop´s TBO (Calendar I mean).


LEVT, Spain

According to the regulation, there is no need for an alternate procedure to go “on condition”. Maybe it is good to have one but it is not mandatory. Not sure you will find one either.

Sweden, Sweden

So, when you operate an aircraft with prop and governor “on condition”, in your inspections. (Practical part of the business), you just look for oil leaks and engine parameters, or you establish new calendar,……..?

LEVT, Spain

In Part 91 ops, where you can run a prop on condition, the normal guideline is that you must not see corrosion or grease/oil escaping via the blade seals, and of course the pitch control must work correctly. And of course general blade condition; there are numerous rules on the max depth of nicks versus their position, etc.

Assuming no damage, how long people manage to run for seem to depend a lot on whether the plane is hangared.

Remember also that a “repair” of a prop can cost as little as a few hundred, whereas an “overhaul” has specific requirements and costs a few k and up.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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