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San Nicolo / Venice (LIPV) meet-up 5-7 Sep 2015? - moved to Portoroz

This site (dates unclear since some of the content is left over from 2014) suggests that the weekend of 5-6 September would be good for Venice and for those who want to fly to Tatoi LGTT afterwards and then continue to elsewhere in Greece.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The 2015 event will be 2nd week of September.
Check the Press Release.
Other areas of the website are still not updated.

From the Press Release:

First phase will take place on Wednesday and Thursday 9 & 10 Sep 2015, at the Athens International Airport (AIA) and second phase on Saturday and Sunday 12 & 13 Sep 2015, at the Tatoi Air Force Base! Friday the 11th of September will be used as a break out day in order to regroup, prepare and relax if needed!

LGMG Megara, Greece

From the airports website, it looked like they had an airshow and fly-in middle of September at Lido, but maybe just drop the airport manager an email and double check.


I do say, if you ever do this flyin another time to Lido (maybe if it’s a success it might become a recurring thing?), I would love to come with the Commander. Lightly loaded, 3200ft is plenty. And they even have Jet A1!

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How much interest is there for flying to Greece, after Venice? And if so, which bits of Greece would people be interested in?

It’s certainly my plan – just as I flew there after Corsica in September 2014. AFAIK Tatoi LGTT will have avgas and customs, so will be flyable directly from Venice. Then Justine and I plan to do the NW Aegean.

Also, has anybody been to San Nicolo recently and can report on the quality of the grass (and the quantity and size of loose rocks, etc), and what is the accommodation like on the island?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I was there about a month ago in a DA42. Grass already quite high, no rocks but bumpy. Surely no issue in a C172 or the like, but I would not take an aircraft with low propeller clearance (eg a Mooney or my ST10) there.

Very friendly people, restaurant closed but should be opened again by now.

LOAN Wiener Neustadt Ost, Austria

For those of us who have neither an IR nor oxygen!, is there a “low level” route through the Alps?

UK, United Kingdom

To Venice you can always fly VFR between FL100 to 120 w/o oxygen … at least I did that before I had oxygen. If you want to fly lower – follow the “Brenner” highway/pass! Very simple! Wx must be ok, of course …

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You can cross the Alps at FL 080 thgrough the passes without oxygen. I have crossed a number of times VFR on top at 120+ without oxygen as well.

But such routes are VERY dependent on weather – especially if one can’t or won’t go VFR on top.
At least that is what my research found – no practical experience as yet.
And the weather can change very quick, in mountainous areas.

For myself – as limited as any pilot could be, with 75 kts TAS, no ELT, no mode S, and no gyroscopic instruments – I will only ever try it with a long detour through CZ, SK, HU, SLO, IT. Would need several weeks, though.

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EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

If the weather is flyable from Southern Germany to Venice, then the “change” of the weather is not really a big factor. It’s not really very far, and of course you can fly on top too on many days. I did it about 10 times VFR, and once i did a VFR on top over an overcast because I knew that there were no clouds south of the highest ridge (abeam Grossglockner).

I forgot what celing you need through the Brenner pass, but it’s possible very often in the summer, early fall.

What I don’t care for is to cross the mountains in strong wind conditions, especially if there’s wimd from the south/south west. Lots of turbulence then. I once had my girlfriend scream for 30 minutes until it stopped (I felt like screaming too, but that would have made her only more nervous ;-))

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