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Scenic destinations easily accessible from the airport

Does anybody have a tip for a destination to go with your partner for couple days with some activities easily accessible from the airport? We consider to spend several days in East Frisian Islands (EDWR, EDWJ or EDWY). I haven't been able to find if they rent bikes directly at these airports but I assume it should be very easy to rent bikes there without any reservation, right? I would also appreciate tips for IFR alternates, accommodation, restaurants, kite-surf rental or any other activities.
Some of my recommendations would be:
- LZTT - almost no traffic airport with an ILS, some EUR 70 for landing + 3 days parking for C210, beautiful Tatra mountains with many hiking opportunities are almost within walking distance (or short and quite cheap taxi ride directly or to Poprad with Tatra electric train connection)
- EDBO or EDOD - VFR only airfields situated directly on a great roller-skate track, you can just get-off the airplane and take your skates on. We took a 2 day round trip on skates with just small backpack and overnight in a pleasant hotel in Kloster Zinna.


Hi, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to rent bicycles near the airfield.

I can confirm this for EDWR. There is a nice and modern hotel right next to the airfield called Dünenhotel. I've stayed there some years ago and rented a bicycle from them.

Essen-Mülheim (EDLE), Düsseldorf (EDDL), Paderborn (EDLP), Mönchengladbach (EDLN), Germany


After heaving read the threads on this forum for some time, I'll take this as an opportunity to start contributing myself.

My wife (not flying herself) and I can particularly recommend the following places. As we are from Austria, most of the destinations are in Central/Southeastern Europe. Nearly all have hard runways (only exception is LIPV) with more than sufficient length for a retractable SEP (Socata ST-10 in our case).

LOAG – great if you or your wife are into wine, as the scenic Austrian wine valleys "Wachau" and "Kamptal" are nearby. We can highly recommend the wine-themed resort "Loisium".

LOWS - Flying Bulls Collection and fine dining at "Hangar 7". In most cases, you can park your own a/c directly in front of the hangar for your visit. Of course, Salzburg itself is also an attractive destination. If you're there, you may want to fly over to LOWZ – nice airfield in the mountains next to a scenic lake and below a glacier. One can go skiing on the glacier even in summer, but this should be done only before Midday, as later on the sun is really softening up the snow and it feels more like water skiing...

LIPV - Venezia Lido, 5 minutes by Vaporetto to Saint Marks Square, beautiful Art Deco terminal buildings, what more to say?

LDLO - Croatian island with laid-back atmosphere. Stay there for a few days, go swimming, rent a motorboat, explore the island by scooter, fly over to the "bush strip" on the neighbouring island Unije (LDPN) and scare away the resident sheep before landing, whatever...

LYTV - One of my favourites, despite the fact that "small" GA is still quite exotic in Montenegro. Scenic approach from the North, the town and bay of Kotor (UNESCO world heritage) are perhaps the most picturesque sites in the Adria. Again, great to explore the bay with rented motorboat.

LIPN - the friendly "small" airport of Verona (not that the other one is that big). Unfortunately without AVGAS for visitors, at least when we were there in 2011. The open-air operas in the Arena di Verona are a unique experience, if you can cope with massive crowds...

LFMV - Typical French regional airport, great to explore the Provence region. Avignon itself has some nice restaurants (and, of course, the Pont and the Papal Palace) and is really worth a day or two.

Hope that helps!

@ Peter: Thank you for setting up that great site.

LOAN Wiener Neustadt Ost, Austria

If it's interesting depends a bit on your perception, but here are some nice airfields in lose order, worth to go to:

Uetersen EDHE is the VFR airfield for Hamburg. For about 20 €, you can get a taxi to the next train station. A days ticket with Hamburg's public transport will cost you 10 € for five persons. Hamburg is a great city and you can spend days just to walk around. A room outside the city centre is fine, public transport is great and you can go to the suburbs even late at night. Landing fees and parking for a night (MTOW 960kg) did cost 15€. There is a high wire forest adventure course at the airfield. IFR alternate would be, of course, EDDH. But that's quite expensive.

Diepholz ETND is a nice civil used military airfield in the vicinity of the Dümmer. Rental of bikes is PPR, if I recall. It could, however, be arranged by the folks there. You can reach the Dümmer with the bikes. The region is famous for the cranes, depending a bit of the time of year. IFR is PPR.

Hodenhagen EDVH has the Serengeti Park in its traffic circuit. I haven't been there, yet, but I've been told it's worth a day, or two.

Speyer EDRY is in walking distance to the Technik Museum, where you can spend a complete day if you (or your travel party) are interested in technology. You will need the complete day, though. The city itself is nice, too. Has the biggest romanic church in the world. The city can be reached by foot.

Stauning EKVJ has the Danish aviation museum at the airfield and the Ringkobing Fjord nearby. I do not know about bicycles, though, but on the other side of the Fjord, in Hvide Sande, there is a surf school. It is one of Denmark's bigger tourist regions and very beautiful. EKVJ has an IFR-Approach. The airport was a bit quiet during the week, though.

Endelave EKEL is a small island in the Danish Kattegat. 600 meters grass runway (no overrun), no fuel, voluntary landing fee (though I can't imagine how not to give... ), bikes at the airfield are for free (you may have to inflate the tyres maybe). Very romantic and quiet getaway.

Weimar EDOU has cheap rooms at the airfield. Taxi into the istoric town is about 15 to 20 Euro. Weimar is full of history and culture. As you may recall, the first republic on German soil had it's beginning in Weimar (Weimar Republic).

Bad Dürkheim EDRF lies within beautiful German wine yards. You can go hiking a lot. The restaurant is really good at the airport.

Juist EDWJ has the shortest distance to the beach. No cars on the island, coaches instead.

Billund EKBI is situated very close to Legoland. Well, more suitable for a family trip, I guess. Has an IFR Approach.

Letnany LKLT is your entry to Prague. Nice prices and you can get into the city by public transport quite easy.

Rothenburg of der Tauber EDFR is supposed to have free bikes at the airport. It takes about 15 Minutes into town.

Burg Feuerstein EDFQ lies in the Franconian Switzerland, where you can go hiking right from the airport. The region is famous for its caves and opportunities to go climbing.

Have to go now, maybe I'll find some more places, browsing my flight log :-)

have fun,

Inside the sky.
EDXE, EDXF, Germany

Thanks for the suggestions, very appreciated!


Fly to Aeroe in Denmark. Great island, long grass runway, bikes at the airfield as well as an old VW Beetle to rent and the greatest islands for women. Idyllic towns, soft romantic fields, beautiful views at the sea. See the last part of the pictures we took here:

EHRD, Netherlands

Fly to Aeroe in Denmark.

Thank you for the suggestion, looks great. By the way, does anyone have other recommendations for the islands between Denmark/Sweden?

We have never been to that region, but have long wanted to fly up there for a long weekend.

Personal minimums for us are about 700 m (smooth) grass. Better hard runways, but those will be difficult to find on the islands, I suppose.

LOAN Wiener Neustadt Ost, Austria

The Aeroe runway is at least 700 meter grass. We also went to Bornholm, but that island is not as idillic as Aeroe. The Aeroe island is called a hidden treasure amongst the Danish. They also have AVGAS. You can pay at the airfield in Euro as well as the Danish krone. I would recommend renting the old VW and to tour the island. We have also been to most of the Frisian island (the Dutch and German islands) but Aeroe is something special.

EHRD, Netherlands

Aeroe sounds nice! How's the condition of the grass strip? Wil it be friendly to a retractable gear and limited prop clearance (e.g. a Mooney M20)?


Well, your wife might enjoy Aeroe, but if you really want to impress her, you should go to Vejroe instead. The island has been pretty much turned around in recent years and is now a premium class resort. First class restaurant and first class accomodation on the island. Brings lots of dosh, though. The runway is only 600 meters, but with no obstacles at all; many Mooneys have landed there. I have flown in the Cirrus (both 20 and 22) many times. See here.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany
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